29 March 2009

Black Velvet Displays

How Awesome? So awesome. I need to find a good way to keep these clean now.

24 March 2009

Something to Celebrate

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! In no way can I call myself a programmer, but I use technology every day to do my job, update my blog and social networks, and text on my phone. Many thanks to the many programmers who fill my life with such beautiful algorithms.

23 March 2009


I am chugging through these lanyards, and about ready to order the next batch of materials. Below is my pending list of projects. Finished projects are not listed. If you would like to order something, contact me or comment on this post and let me know! I will be making my materials order in the next 2 weeks.

++Commissions++ (Paid = Italics, completed = Bold)

Minja -- 2 bracelets, green/silver 18g 3/16"
Tajah -- red/gold
redhalo -- solid red
nightrunner -- solid bronze ($50)
Predd -- red/blue
Kala -- Turquoise/Orange
Mojo -- fancy watch chain
nightrunner -- fancy watch chain
Gary Fultz -- Camelot bracelet
Jaxx -- blue/black (blue on the outside)
Chelseabot -- blue/purple lanyard + black/blue glow choker ($85)
Rogue_Hunter -- black/violet
Snifit -- Red/Black
Doxy -- green Ti & orange ($50)
MSpencer -- flattened steel ($45)

VThornheart -- Black/Yellow
xxhennersxx -- Black/Pink
Accalon -- blue/silver
Wil Wheaton -- purple/gold
[435] -- Red/Brass ($45)
Turduckin -- Black/Silver/Gold ($45)
Jonny Nero -- black/silver horiz. stripes
Sean Celaya -- flattened steel ($45)
Spectre -- Black/Red
Sweety -- Black/Violet

Please note: If you want your item for a specific date, let me know and I will prioritize accordingly. Cheers all!

18 March 2009

A Satisfied Customer

Mojo - an awesome friend, customer, and fellow Enforcer, was the first to have his lanyard completed, and just recently received it in the mail. He sent me this photo and a slough of wonderful compliments. Thanks Mojo! I'm glad you like it.

12 March 2009

More Photog Stuff

I can't believe this website my mom tipped me off to: www.gemsondisplay.com

All kinds of jewelry displays, busts, cases and carriers for extremely reasonable prices. I did my best not to go crazy today, but I ended up buying a model hand, display bust, earring display, and some leopard print bags. I'm very excited, and if I take this hobby to the next step and get a small business license, I may invest in some table displays and organizers. Pics coming when my new goodies arrive!

08 March 2009

Custom Lanyards - A Few Photos

These are the first two I completed. The one is flattened steel - a material I already had before ordering the first batch. The second is helm chain, which was specially requested. I love how both came out. Can't wait to deliver them!

05 March 2009

Lanyard Materials, and the First One Finished

Double woo woo! The first batch of materials arrived this morning. Pics to come later of piles of maille goodness plus the first completed lanyard!

Those of you in the first batch (see the previous lanyard post if you're not sure) let me know if you need your lanyard sooner than later. i.e. if you're going to ECCC or SakuraCon and you want to use your lanyard for that. PLEASE leave a comment on this post.

Check back later for fun pics!