28 September 2009

Bracelets and Commissions

Wow. PAX was nonstop this year. I am fully recovered and gearing up for Boston now! Hotel is secure and I am looking into flights. The kid in me feels exactly the way Wil looks in this picture. (Courtesy DarkPhibre's Flickr page, one of the most awesome media badges I had the pleasure of working with this year.) Now that I'm once again between PAXes I am back to working on maille.

To all of you who have ordered bracelets from me and not received them, I am terribly sorry! More materials are on the way and I will get them to you soon. Especially if you ordered them from me when they were first offered, please PLEASE comment, email me, anything and let me know you are still waiting for them. On top of running out of materials, my spreadsheet file became corrupt somehow and I lost my current list. ARGH. Frustrating.

I am taking orders NOW for Christmas, PAX East, and other upcoming occasions. If you would like something by Christmas, please order it by November 10th. If you would like a lanyard for PAX East, please order by February 1st! The sooner the better for anything and everything, so please let me know!

++Commission List++
**Tetujin: dice bag ($50)**
Fehlauer: blue/orange lanyard ($40)
**Heels: black lanyard ($40)**
Brewer's Mom: black lanyard ($40)
S7arbuck: black/red ($40)
Thermos: Bronze Persian Dragonscale watch chain ($100)
T. Lowe: Stretch bracelet pink/black ($30)
Spoony: Pirate bands - green/Sblack - blue/Sblack - ($20), Lori Bracelet ($7)
**Julie Bateman: kid's glow bracelet - violet/SGblue ($10)**
**Joy Adiletta: bronzeAA/purple lanyard ($40)**
ChibiTzar: pink/silverAA byz lanyard 18g 3/16" ($50)
  **--black/purple standard lanyard ($40)**
Requies: 2 Niobium HP3-in-1 9" 18g 1/4" Bracelets ($50)
BonnieB: violet/black lanyard ($40)
Alatheia: purple/green lanyard ($40)
Ezekiel: 2 blueAA/black pirate bands ($20)


++General Price List for Popular Items++ (This will be expanded as I think of stuff)
Custom Pirate Band: $10
---Special Edition Lori Colors: $7 (all profits go to Lori's medical fund!)
d6 Cage earrings: $15
Standard One- or Two-color lanyard: $40
Scale Necktie: $200