30 September 2010

There's a new convention in town

As if Seattle wasn't jam-packed with enough stuff for gamers to do, an up and coming convention is about to bring some more feminine wiles to the community. Check out GeekGirl Con if you haven't heard of it yet.

Set to premiere next year, it's going to focus on the softer awesomer side of gaming and I hope to snag a vendor spot in the expo hall. But before that can happen, the convention needs funding to run.

To help the show organizers along, I've donated one of my lovely lanyards to auction! It's going on right now, and ends Friday night at 5pm. The lanyard is pictured below - pink, silver and black. It normally retails for $45, and I'd be sad if anyone bid lower than that. Very sad indeed. Step it up! Send bids to sponsor@geekgirlcon.com ASAP if you want it.