31 January 2010

A quick note

I've been having an oh-so-lovely time lately with bots leaving comments on old posts. They are off-topic, badly coded, and clearly do not have a grasp on the English language. I am not interested in cheap viagara, meth ingredients or financial blogs with bad advice thank you very much.

To cut down on the spam, I updated some comments settings here. From now on you will have to do one of those word verification thingies with the wonky letters before your comment is posted. It's an extra step for you guys and a little annoying, I know. But it should prevent spam from hitting my recent posts.

Along with that I am starting limited moderation. If you make a comment on a blog post that is over 2 weeks old, I will have to accept it before it appears. Most of the spam so far has shown up on my older posts, so again this should help cut the crap. If you see something from an old post that you're interested in, send me an email instead.

On a more maille-related note, please get your lanyard order in by Feb. 10th if you want it for PAX East!

I imagine spam bots to look like the guy in the pic above.

28 January 2010

Pirate Bands - Custom Bracelets for $10

Pirate bands are simple, stretchy, durable, one-size, and customized for you. Just like my lanyards, you get to choose the colors! Vibrant anodized aluminum and EPDM rubber make a simple, quick, fun statement on your wrist. Lots of people have bought these in school colors, favorite combos, and to match bright hair dyes! Ordering is easy and shipping (if necessary) is fast.

Step One: Choose the aluminum color.
Unlike the lanyards, this is a little more specific. Select one color from these options for the aluminum rings:

Step Two: Choose one rubber color.
These colors start slightly dull as they are covered in a powdery coat during production. As that wears off (quickly) the rings will have a much more vibrant hue and come very close to matching the aluminum colors. Select one from the following:

Step Three: Contact me!
Please email me at jules@knittedsteel.net with the following information:
-- Name & Shipping Address
-- Your color choices (please specify metal/rubber!) and quantity
-- Any other questions or requests
-- Payment option (PayPal or cash [locals only])

I will respond with your total cost +$1 for shipping and estimated time. Most often I will have all colors on hand, but if I have to order more your bracelet may be delayed 2+ weeks and I will let you know immediately.

Ring color photos courtesy TheRingLord

16 January 2010

Lanyard Commission List

For info on how to order a lanyard, please see my previous post.

**Fehlauer: blue/orange lanyard **
**ChibiTzar: pink/silverAA byz lanyard 18g 3/16" ($50)**
**BonnieB: yellow/black lanyard **
**Whypick1: purple/gold**    
**BigDaddyDream: violet/black** 
**Scott Trogam: blue/black
---- turq/pink 
---- red/gold/silver/Sblack pirate band ($20)** 
++Alatheia: purple/green lanyard 

++Beker: purple/gold
++Drysil: black
++ZeroHourHero: black/red
++Redstar: silver/bronze
++Stalefish: black/orange 
++Mogen: blue/black
++ABS1N: red/black
++Xevo: green/black
++Jon: red/black horiz. stripes
++Nexagelion: black/blue
++Jaime: blue/orange
++Rhaje: blue/other 
++Caedo: red/blue 
++CamDogg: black/yellow
++muttonhead: black/gold
++Eep!: green/black and blue/black 
++Singollo: purple/black
++Midnight: blue/silver
++Rdr: all black
++Veav: bronze/gold
++Luneowl: green+bronze vertical/gold horiz. ($45)
++drobro: black/silver
Sl1pstream: black

 --Post PAX-E--
Pwatts: All black
---- red/black
---- blue/gold

++Other Commissions++
++ZeroHourHero: Lori/Lupus bracelet ($7)
++Ezekiel: 2 blueAA/black pirate bands ($20)
**Requies: 2 Niobium HP4-in-1 9" 18g 1/4" Bracelets**
++LewieP: redAA/black pirate band
++Jaime: RoseGoldNiobium/black and PeacockBlueNiobium/black pirate bands ($40)
**Groove: Flattened Steel HP4-1 bracelet** 

Bold = completed
Italicized = paid
++ = bagged (this is more for my own reference so I know which ones have been packaged and labeled)
**/** = shipped

10 January 2010

Order a Custom Lanyard for PAX: East

***PAX: East orders are closed! PAX: Prime orders are now open.***

Do you want to look as awesome as this guy? I bet you do. It's easy! With that shining sexy lanyard showing off your 3-day pass to the glorious Boston PAX (or any other weekend of happiness you choose to attend), you can look awesome too.

Ordering is simple! Choose your colors, choose your stripes, contact me with what you want and send the total cost via PayPal or cash!

Step One: Choose your colors.
There is a variety of colors to choose from. For $40 you can have one or two colors. Each additional color is an extra $5. If you want a 3-color lanyard, it's $45, 4-color is $50, etc. These lanyards are made of anodized aluminum. They are brightly colored, durable, lightweight and more often than not have zero negative effects on people with metal allergies. Other metals are available, but often times more costly (contact me for prices), less comfortable and have a tendency to tarnish and leave marks on the skin.

Colors below may vary slightly as I have no control over the anodizing process (think of it like a dye lot). Click on the images for the full size, courtesy TheRingLord.com. The second image is bright (silver) aluminum.

Step Two: Choose your stripes.
The lanyard can be given horizontal or vertical stripes. In the image below, you can see a solid (brass, on the left), vertical stripes (blue & yellow on the right) and horizontal stripes (black, purple and silver in the center). If nothing is specified, I will assume you want vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes will be equally sized unless otherwise requested.

Step Three: Contact Me!
I won't know what you want unless you let me know! To order a lanyard, please email me at jules@knittedsteel.net with the following information:
-- Name & Handle (nickname, gamertag, etc)
-- Your choice of colors and stripes
-- Any other questions or requests
-- Your payment option (paypal or cash)

Step Four: Pay Me Please.
Once I receive your order by email I will reply with your total and arrange payment. You will not receive your lanyard until I receive payment in full, no exceptions! I take PayPal in advance of the convention, or cash in person.

These lanyards are not exclusive to PAX East! In fact, they are in no way affiliated except that I'll be there and love the community. If you want a lanyard for another event, let me know! I will ship it to you.

If your lanyard becomes damaged, minor repairs are free. If the clip breaks, if the lanyard becomes entangled on something and pulls apart, if a few rings become scratched, I will fix it!

Cheers, Happy 2010 and see you at PAX!

"I will write you a lanyard testimonial! i love mine and it looks lovely, holds lots of button and doesn't get caught in my hair! Also it is awesome to fiddle with 8)" ~ Morte Portney via Facebook