19 February 2009

The Light Box is here!

And oh man, it is going to make things look so much nicer! I still have some practicing to do, and tweaking, and prop-hunting. Right now my backdrop is a not-entirely-white pillow case. I need to get something whiter and lighter. I also need to find the best combination of lights, possibly take advantage of my desk lamp and craft light as well as the two stage lights that came with the light box kit. Enough babbling, here are some photos of work from my commission list!

Sterling Choker for mygiantrobot

Kingsmaille bracelet for CosmicRay

Glow in the dark choker for Broken_Angel

Custom dice bag for Heels

Belt/Wallet chain for Quicksnap

I've started (and almost completed) one badge lanyard. Expect photos soon! Also, more of my steampunk goodies. Huzzah!

17 February 2009

Commission list update

Current Commish List (not including lanyards):

*DONE/DELIVERED*sterling elf weave bracelet (7.25")
*DONE* sterling half-persian choker (15.5")
*DONE* stainless belt chain (23")
*DONE* aluminum kingsmaille cuff (6.5")
*DONE/DELIVERED* Pirate Band, purple w/ blue stretch glow
*DONE* Pirate Band, green w/ blue stretch glow
*DONE* E4-in-1 stretch glow choker
*DONE/DELIVERED* HP3-in-1 black choker w/red scale accents
*DONE* Medium dice bag w/inlay, black/purple
*DONE/DELIVERED* Pirate Band, blue w/ black stretch
*DONE/DELIVERED* Pirate Band, pink w/ black stretch

I am SO happy to have all of these completed. However, I am a little embarrassed. The file I kept with details on all of my commissions has gone missing, probably when I went on a massive cleaning spree in my file drawer. (yes, I keep paper files. I also write with a quill and seal envelopes with decorative wax.) Luckily I had this list, otherwise a couple of things might have been gone with the trash. oops...

So... That green and blue pirate band. Who did I make it for? It is ready and waiting, and glowing occasionally, and it needs a home. If I made it for you, contact me via twitter, email, comment here, IRC, phone call, whatever. I can't believe I've forgotten who ordered this. ARGH.

16 February 2009

Custom Badge Lanyards for PAX

Quick note before the real subject of this post -- I just ordered a portable light box from ThinkGeek! Finally I'll be able to take some decent photos of my maille. Next (MAJOR) purchase will be a macro lens for awesome close-up detail.

NOW. Badge lanyards. I made a couple of these for a couple of Enforcers at PAX 08 and they not only looked awesome, they did not even threaten to break. If you are a Buttoneer (participant in the PAX button exchange) these lanyards function well for collecting those buttons because the weave allows you to thread the pin between the rings!

Made from anodized aluminum, these are lightweight and comfortable. The weave allows the lanyard to lay flat against your neck and chest and the badge clip is permanently fixed.

Starting now, I am going to take custom orders for PAX 09. For a standard aluminum 1-2 color lanyard, I charge $40. For each additional color after that I'll add $5 (i.e. a 4-color lanyard will be $50). I can do other options, such as a flattened steel lanyard (example pic coming soon!) for a negotiable price. SteamCon is coming up in October. If you want a full brass lanyard, I can make you one. Copper/Steel/Brass mix, sure. Solid sterling silver, you bet.

If you want one, comment on this post or email me at Jules@knittedsteel.net! I'll be taking orders until July, but the sooner you order, the sooner you can use the lanyard for other stuff too! SakuraCon, ECCC, Work, I'm looking at all of you. o_O

Commission List (Paid=Italics, Done=Bold, stricken=delivered):
Snifit -- Red/Black
--Mojo -- Flattened Steel ($45)--
--Theros -- Purple/blue--
--MetaverseNomad -- Blue/Black--
xxhennersxx -- Black/Pink
--Ashridah -- Green/Purple TITANIUM ($60)--
--CuZZa -- Orange/Blue--
Turduckin -- Black/Silver/Gold ($45)
--BigRed -- totally custom helm chain nickel silver/bronze ($45)--
J0z1e -- solid purple, wedding gift *GIFT*
ShyGuy -- solid green, wedding gift *GIFT*
--Accalon -- Pink/Black--
MeeOk -- Silver/Black/Red ($45)
VThornheart -- Black/Yellow
--Oberon -- Black/Sterling ($65)--
--Carol -- Pink/Silver--
--Nicholaus -- Green/Silver--
Spectre -- Black/Red
Sweety -- Black/Violet
[435] -- Red/Brass ($45)
--deadmetal -- black/yellow horiz. stripes--
--Quicksnap -- black/Brass ($45)--
--Eye-Shuh -- black/blue glow ($50)--
--Haikon -- Black/Brass/Bronze 50/25/25 ($50)--

[update] I have ordered materials for Batch 1. If you still want a lanyard and haven't ordered one yet, your order will go into Batch 2 and I will purchase the materials for it at a later date. I won't be able to finish it in time for the more recent upcoming conventions. Thanks everyone!

Jonny Nero -- black/silver horiz. stripes
Minja -- 2 bracelets, green/silver 18g 3/16"
Doxy -- green Ti & orange ($50)
Tajah -- red/gold
redhalo -- solid red
Accalon -- blue/silver
nightrunner -- solid bronze ($50)
Rogue_Hunter -- black/violet
Predd -- red/blue
Kala -- Turquoise/Orange

15 February 2009

A Random Sidenote

Very random, very unrelated to maille, except one of my Works In Progress is featured in a photo:

stuffonyouraccalon.com is a daily dose of random, featuring Accalon and the stuff we put on him.

This Update is So Long Overdue...

...So long overdue that my jewelry looks old!

Not really. Sort of. My last post asking for steampunk help was on super short notice. I had an opportunity to get some of my jewelry into a steampunk fashion show in the middle of an Abney Park concert. How cool?! SO. I scrambled to get some things made, and here are a few pieces that resulted. More pics to come when I get the jewelry back. I'm listening to AP right now. They're amazing. The show was so much fun, and I met a lot of other crafters/steampunk folk/generally awesome people. Huzzah!

Next updates include:
-Update on the commission list
-More Steampunk fun
-Gearing up for PAX: Metal badge lanyards