12 July 2009

Slowly, my empire grows

Empire? I mean uh... Okay, how can I not be excited about this?

Photo courtesy Quicksnap, who also made this possible (Click the photo for full view):

That guy on the right is Nobuo Uematsu. What's that bit of sparkle on his wrist? Oh, maybe it's a brass half-persian bracelet like the ones I sell on Etsy. OMFG.

I grew up listening to this guy's music. HOW AWESOME?! Quick, you're getting a replacement next time I see you. Thanks for passing that on and sharing the photo!

10 July 2009

Many Thanks and New Things

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. In less than three days, over 100 bracelets were requested and $500+ were raised. You guys are absolutely amazing. Please know that I will be taking orders for these bracelets as long as Lori has medical bills to pay on her leg so PLEASE. Keep spreading the word!

I've had some interesting commissions lately while waiting for lanyard and bracelet materials to ship. One of the funnest I had the pleasure to work on was a solid brass watch chain for my friend Mojo. It is Persian Dragonscale. It moves and feels like stiff rope and compliments the old look of the watch pretty well.

Click for a larger image.

Just yesterday I received another commission for a sterling chain, which I think will be done in Half-Persian 4-in-1, same as the lanyards but much finer. It will be oh-so-pretty when it's done!

I have a few new items in my Etsy Store, one of which is being showcased today under "Geekery." These are the Caged Dice earrings. Practical and fun, I think I'm going to make these my 'signature' piece. I just loooove the look of them and the fact that the dice are still usable.

The other pair of earrings, which went up on Etsy today, are my Faerie Drops in mixed metals. This is another design I tend to favor. Fun to wear AND make!

Click on the images to go to their Etsy pages.

A note on commissions: Unless it is something small, simple, or something I already have made, I will not be taking any more commissions until after Labor Day. My plate is piled very, very high and it will take me until then to eat through all of it. Thank you all for your interest in my work, and in helping Lori. Those bracelets are not considered commissions; they will always be offered to anyone that wants to donate and help. Cheers all!

06 July 2009

Supporting Lori

A good friend of mine is in need of support right now. Emotionally, financially, and physically. She is losing her right leg to an auto-immune disorder known as APS and (probably) Lupus. Lori is showing amazing strength, optimism and energy through everything. Her attitude amazes me every time the subject comes up!

I, along with other friends, am raising money to help fight her climbing medical bills and pay for a new prosthetic leg. The fact that she is worrying more about finances right now than LOSING HER LEG is just plain wrong. I don't have much money of my own to offer up, but I do have time and a profitable hobby. I am putting my own spin on the LiveStrong bracelet concept and offering these special edition Pirate Bands.

Lori chose the colors - very appropriate chocolatey brown (she is an amazing baker) and black - which go with any outfit and fit on any wrist. They will be selling for $7, where $2 pay for the materials (so I can order more!) and the other $5 go to an account set up for paying her bills. If you are feeling extra generous, please donate more! It all goes to Lori.

If you are interested, please leave a comment here or email me (jules@knittedsteel.net) with quantity and shipping address (if necessary). Paypal money to thejwalker@hotmail.com. For shipping, please add another $1 (or 2 for international).

Initial bracelet orders may take a while, the supplies are on their way!

Please spread the word, repost, tweet, tell your friends and show off your bracelets. Good prosthetics don't come cheap and Lori is worth every penny and more!