30 June 2009

Last chance! I'm serious this time!

You have until Midnight (pacific time) to order your badge lanyard if you want it for PAX! Email me at Jules@knittedsteel.net with your request, or contact me through one of the other usual methods (IRC, PAX/Enforcer Forums, etc).

If you do not order today, your order will not be included in my next supply batch and there is zero guarantee of you getting it before the convention.

If you are participating in the PAX Buttoneering, I will also be creating a bonus button for those of you who have ordered a lanyard from me! Pics of those to come soon (as soon as I design them, along with my normal buttons).

Can you believe it? Only 2 months until PAX. This last year has flown by.

18 June 2009

Success! First Etsy Sale

And we're off! I feel so good right now. If only the guy interested in the necktie would get back to me now, I would feel AMAZINGLY good. The first item to go was my kingsmaille bracelet.

I need to work on taking pics of more work, including my tiny dice cage earrings. I think I am going to make those my signature piece (note the avatar, hehe) and try as many colors as I can get my hands on.

Cheers! I'm going to celebrate tonight!

16 June 2009

PAX Lanyards - Last Chance to Order

June 30th is quickly approaching! If you want a lanyard to wear at PAX, you must order by June 30. For anything ordered after that, I will not guarantee you will get it in time for the convention. PLEASE get it to me in time! Below is the list as it stands now. Some remnants of Batch 2 have been pushed into Batch 3 due to supply shortage on some colors. My next supply order will be on July 1.

If you are new to this whole lanyard thing, here's the scoop.
These lanyards are durable, quality chainmaille that I will customize to your whim. The standard lanyard is $40 for one or two colors in Aluminum. Additional colors are +$5 each. Different metals are also available and slightly more expensive - $5-$20 more - and include stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver, and titanium. Other metals including Sterling, Niobium, and Gold are also available for a much higher price.

Examples of a standard lanyard = solid blue; black/purple; red/yellow
Examples of a nonstandard lanyard = solid brass; green/copper; black/10% sterling.

You can get in touch with me several ways -- leave a comment on this thread, email me at jules@knittedsteel.net, PM me on the PAX or Enforcer forums, PM me on IRC or shout at me on Twitter @KnittedSteel. Send me a text if you have my phone number. I'll add your order to the list and get it done ASAP. Cheers!

Update: TOTALLY FORGOT to add the list of aluminum colors. Here is an illustrated guide, courtesy TheRingLord.com. Note -- silver (bright aluminum) is also available and acts as 'white.' Click the image to see a larger version.


Orders that have been completed, paid and shipped have been removed from the list. If you wish to pay and receive your lanyard at PAX, let me know when you order it and I will hold onto it for you until then. If you see an error in the list, please let me know!

++Lanyard Commissions++ (Paid = Italics, completed = Bold, shipped/delivered = **)

Twinkie -- red/orange
DVD_Sandwich -- solid black
MoeFwacky -- yellow/blue (blue on outside)
Ailadinya -- pink/purple
Jaxx -- blue/black (blue on the outside)
Porkfry -- Black/Yellow
EntOnFire -- solid black
Morte -- Silver/Blue
Snapty -- Green/Silver
DaNerd -- Purple/Red

Snifit -- Red/Black
Dyaballikl -- solid blue
Dearest -- niobium/copper 18g 1/4" ($70)

nightrunner -- solid bronze ($50), fancy watch chain **
Snickers -- Green/Gold **
Miles -- Solid Brass
Theia -- green/black
Brewer -- solid pink
Pip -- Copper/Nickel Silver ($50)
DIMD -- Red/Black **
Dostrow -- Solid Bronze ($50)
ACC3SS -- solid black
redhalo -- solid red
Nakki -- Pink/Silver
LordMoon -- red/black/silver ($45) (Similar to black/purple/silver in pic)
AaronC -- Black/SilverAA
Cheebus -- Blue/Black
CWKnight -- red/green **
Dilligas -- blue/turquoise
Beker -- Blue/BronzeAA

DuctTape -- silver/turq
StankerBell -- copper/green helm chain lanyard ($45)

++To Be Delivered at PAX++
Grimsby -- black/green
KarlThePagan -- blue/orange (broad horiz. stripes w/ orange dominant)
DaedalusLeto -- red/black
BloodElf -- green/purple
MSpencer -- flattened steel ($45)
Predd -- red/blue
Kala -- Turquoise/Orange

NinjaSockMonkey -- black/turquoise (short horiz. stripes)

++Other Commissions++
Slimburrok -- rainbow scale tie (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black)
Ningauble -- Two black queensmaille stretch cuffs ($60)

Gary Fultz -- Camelot bracelet
Minja -- 2 bracelets, green/silver 18g 3/16" **

++Post-PAX Commissions++
Tetujin -- Basic dice bag ($50)
AaronC -- Sterling scale necklace (~$90)

11 June 2009


First off, if you took one of my business cards at the flea market and this is your first visit here, Welcome! I hope you like my humble ebode.

If you haven't been here in the last couple of days to see the itty bitty announcement in the left column, my Etsy store is officially open! I have a few things up for sale there already. More will come in the next couple of weeks, but I think I started it pretty well. [Edit: Just added EtsyMini to my side bar. Announcement is no longer itty bitty!]

I will still be taking custom commissions through my blog and Twitter, and I am still taking orders for badge lanyards (until June 30th; time's running out before PAX!!). Etsy is a supplement to my custom work, and to sell off some of the jewelry that did not sell at the flea market.

My current pride and joy at Etsy is the necktie. Click on the image below to go to the listing if you are interested!

Of course, I'd love any and all feedback that you have to offer, particularly if it has to do with photographing on a budget! My next online step is to create an official homepage for KnittedSteel.net that will have options to direct you a la cleverly designed buttons linked to Blogger, Etsy, Flickr and Twitter as well as filling my Etsy store with more goodies.

I am considering the showcase option for the necktie. $15 would get it showcased for a day in the Father's Day section, but I am not so sure I want to spend that just yet. Still, it would be a great way to get some quick page hits. I will wait a few more days until I have the store more stocked. Yeaaahhh.

Seriously, go check it out. I am pretty proud of what I have so far! Cheers all.

07 June 2009

Punk Rock Flea Market

What a weekend! My first show going solo at my table went pretty darn well. By far the most popular thing was the custom bracelet tray. ($10 to pick your own 2 colors and have me make it on the spot) - The bracelets are simple HP 3-in-1 stretch bands (Pirate bands) so people could pick a rubber color and an AA color, and in 10 minutes have a custom bracelet. They were also the least expensive item on my table. Had a few guys interested in the red and black necktie (pics coming soon) and one woman very nearly bought one of my sterling necklaces. I have plenty to start my Etsy store with, for sure, and I hope to do that today or tomorrow.

I learned a ton from this, especially with what people are interested in and what gets passed over completely. I need more stock for my next show, too. I have plans for a lot of simpler, less expensive items and showcasing my nicer, pricier things.

The tie was genius. I wrote "PET ME!" on a price tag and had it sitting at the very front of the table. It attracted so many people to my booth, I doubt I would have had half the customers had I not blatantly encouraged people to touch the wares.

Ryan was an excellent booth babe. He was great at pumping up the custom pirate band sales, attracting people to the bikini top, and wearing some of my stuff to show it off more. And because I'm a complete klutz and forgot the majority of my business cards, he drove back to his place to get them for me when I ran out of the tiny supply in my purse. <3 that guy.

Stay tuned for my Etsy shop! It will be 'open' today or tomorrow!