09 March 2011


Just a quick post, which I will update later with stories of shenanigans.

Click the link below to see the Q13 FOX Photo Gallery from ECCC! It was great to represent work and have a different reason to attend a show. I've now been volunteer, vendor AND media at various conventions and fairs. Volunteer's still my fave, I think.


When I return, I shall tell the tale of how one group of crazies invaded a small pizza place/bar and used up all their drinkware.

02 March 2011

2011 Conventions

What a busy year this is already shaping up to be! How is it March already?! With March comes madness, and with madness comes SPARTAAAAAA!

Just kidding. But March DOES bring the beginning of the convention circuit for my 2011, and that makes me a little crazyface with excitement.

First up is this weekend - Emerald City ComiCon
  For the first time ever, I'll be representing with a media badge! I snagged one through work, so if you see me at the show my hands will be full of camera lens rather than pliers. When I return to work Sunday I'll weed through all my photos and post them on one of our websites. I hope to take a LOT of cosplay photos, so if you're dressed to the nines (or Seven of Nine) come find me and I'll take some pics.

Next weekend (March 11-13) - PAX East
  I'm still sad to be missing this one. I know my fellow Enforcers will take good care of the show and its attendees, but it feels weird to miss a PAX after working every one since 2007. This doesn't stop me from participating, though. I just finished up a bit of a secret project for a very cool attendee. I can't say/show what it is now, but I will post again once the show is over.

There's a big break around summertime. I'll either be feverishly cranking out lanyards and wedding invites in this time, or I'll find a show somewhere to go to. Maybe one of the local street fairs around Seattle/Bellevue? Another Punk Rock Flea Market?

To start the fall off in the last weekend of August - PAX Prime
  Back to the normal shenanigans and lanyards, dicebags and earrings. I'll be enforcing again, as well as setting some time aside for personal maille deliveries at the show.

A few weeks later (October 8-9) - GeekGirlCon
  Despite the fact that I won't be attending due to a schedule conflict, I may still get to represent. No official announcements yet, but I'm talking with another vendor about carrying some of my goodies. If that pulls through, I'll let you all know which booth is the coolest.

It just won't end! (October 14-16) - SteamCon III
  A lovely con with amazing costumes and creativity, I've had the wonderful opportunity to work in the art room for the past two shows. I hope to do so again this year, and maybe have some space of my own if I can get some show-worthy pieces put together in time. Last year we had an open wall from a no-show artist (artists, NEVER leave your wall blank) so I got to fill it with my sea nymph costume. Since this year is along that 20,000 Leagues theme, I may submit the costume as a feature piece.

I'm always looking for more! If you know of an art/craft/nerd show around Puget Sound, I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment or drop me an email with details. Cheers!