08 August 2013

Looking back, Going forward

Holy monkeys, it's been way too long since I dusted off the ol' blog. This past year has been busy and full of changes! 

Last year's Kickstarter project went well and was quickly followed by another. A week after PAX, I got a new job. The new job has drastically changed my life in great ways, but it also meant I had to give up some of my side projects. I stepped away from BFR Games (and wish them nothing but the best!) and backed off on my hobbies a bit. I even let Knitted Steel slide for a while as I adjusted to my new schedule and work load. It's been a thrilling, exhausting, and wonderful year. I apologize if I've left anyone in the lurch or failed to respond to a support request. And I thank everyone who's supported me in the past year! 

Looking forward, there are some great things on the horizon.

First off, I've upgraded my store! It is now much more mobile-friendly, thanks to Storenvy's new Cooper Theme. Plus I've tweaked the design a little bit with some custom CSS for more personal flair. Check it out if you'd like. I may still update its look with a new banner, but the site itself is ready to go.

Coming up are two big conventions in Seattle: PAX Prime, and GeekGirlCon. Currently I have a special shipping option for PAX Prime if you'd still like to order something. It will allow you free hand-delivery. Only select this option if you plan to be at the show. 

GeekGirlCon looks to be even more exciting, because for the first time ever, I will be a vendor. That's right, I've got my own booth space! This will be the first time vending a large show since my college days when my roommate and I partnered up as The Mischief Makers, and I couldn't be more excited. I'll update this blog again once I have more information like booth # and location, but here are the current details. I'll be sharing my booth space with the super awesome Kiri Callaghan! She'll be signing and selling her book So if you like reading and watching geeky things, and you like wearing shiny maille, stop by and see us. :) I'll have a Square card reader for credit card purchases, and my website will loaded up on a tablet and ready to go for custom orders. 

More to come very soon. For now, be sure to get your PAX Prime orders in as soon as possible! Once I have my Enforcer schedule, I will email everyone with details of when and where to pick up your goodies.