30 April 2009

Some Earrings and a Request for Opinions

I think I posted these before, but it was likely before I set myself up with the mini photog studio. I wore them yesterday and got quite a few comments/compliments so I plan to make many more in various metals and combinations for upcoming shows and for my NEW ETSY ACCOUNT YAAAAAY. --Nothing posted yet, I will post when sales there go live.--

If you would like a pair, they are selling for $15 apiece. Sterling/gold will be more, but we can talk about that if you are interested.

Now, I need your opinions. Since I am planning future endeavors (Punk Rock Flea Market, Steam-Con, and beyond!) I need to know what people like. What YOU like. If you have a few free minutes, browse my past blog entries and my Flickr Account and let me know what stands out to you. What would you want to see at a public show? On Etsy? At conventions? What would YOU wear? Thanks in advance; I appreciate any and all feedback. You are my market, tell me what you want!

29 April 2009

New Minicards!

My new cards came today! With any luck I will get my maille shipment on Friday morning and I'll be able to start on some new goodies.

Potential upcoming deal: June 6th is the Punk Rock Flea Market. I might be sharing a table with Lori from the Clever Cake Studio/Sugar Revolution. Not yet definite, but extremely hopeful! I will give more details as they pop up.


26 April 2009

Ramblings of Present and Future

I have a nice big shipment of maille supplies UPSing its way to my house right now, and a fresh batch of minicards coming from MOO with updated photos of my work. Oh, how I love getting maille in the mail! Until those come, I am on hiatus for lanyards and steampunkish goods. In the meantime I picked up some new findings at the craft store (beading supplies, charms, another cameo, etc). and started working on an older just-for-fun project.

No pics yet, as it is not wearable, but I will be sure to brag as soon as there is something more solid. Here's a hint - bikini. ... Not much of a hint, but in this case I think saying it straight out is just as good as keeping it secret!

I am also teaching myself to sew. Santa left a really nice Singer sewing machine under the tree at my parents' house last December, and after Snowpocalypse ended I was able to have a belated celebration with them. Nothing too special yet - I found a great tutorial on resizing tee shirts and put it to good use. Actually, I am wearing the shirt right now. All Hail Ball!

There may be some collaboration with a friend in the near future. He works with leather, making everything from decorative masks to fantastic boots and wants to add some metal. The prospect has me really curious and excited! I might give him a few of my own unfinished pieces and see what he can create.

I can not wait to get this next batch of supplies. Not only did I get the usual AA, copper, brass and bronze, but I also got some fun bits to experiment with - swarovski crystals in various colors and Enameled Copper!

Fixed a couple of things on Twitter, and I will continue to tweak it. Also tweaked another account: @catchwmw. My full time job title is Graphic Designer, and sometimes it gets me these fun little side projects (background) on top of the bigger ones (logo). I love my job. I love mailling. Why can't the new batch of supplies get here sooner?!

Photo - theringlord.com

Be sure to check my Twitter account for items I'm selling!

15 April 2009


I just started a Twitter account for KnittedSteel. As you probably guessed, the name for it is... @KnittedSteel. It'll be purely dedicated to blog updates (for those without RSS, Atom, etc.) posted by TwitterFeed and items that I am putting up for sale. You can also use this account to direct message me for commissions, questions and comments. I'm going to do my best to keep regular chit chat to my personal Twitter.

Cheers all!

The Goggles, They Do Nothing

Well, they do some. They're welding goggles. I got them to experiment with and find the best way to make a comfortable strap. Here's one solution I'm happy with: EPDM Rubber with maille (in this case, flattened steel. I've also used brass) in an E6-in-1 pattern. And it's removable! Not sure yet what to charge for this, but I'd like to be able to do custom orders for a fairly consistent price - with slight differences for materials.

Click on the pic for a close-up of where the strap attaches to the goggles.

14 April 2009

More from Yesterday

Camera is back up and running. Silly battery! Today I bring you a pair of earrings and a bracelet. If you weren't already aware, clicking on the images allows you to view them in a larger size for better detail.

These are fun. Hanging from a french hook is a tiny chain of a weave called Rhinos Snorting Drano, or RSD. I didn't name the weave, and I don't have a clue about the inspiration for such a name, but I do love how the weave looks! I found the smoky 'crystal' beads at the craft store and thought they'd be great for a bit of dangle. The RSD is done in stainless and brass.

For Sale: $15

This bracelet is very similar to one I posted recently. It is Alligator Back weave in copper and stainless with a wide toggle clasp. It has a certain heft to it that makes it look especially good on a guy's wrist.

For Sale: $40

I tried something different with the bracelet photo. I bought a white swatch of cloth a long time ago and finally decided to try it in the background. Its effects on the lighting are extremely different than the red spirals, so I am going to work on tweaking my setup some more. That photo, and others I took with the white backdrop, came out much warmer than with the red backdrop. Iiiiinteresting.

If you are interested in purchasing either item, comment here or email me and we can set up payment & delivery. Cheers!

13 April 2009

Creative Streak

EDIT: This choker is SOLD!

While I wait for the next batch of lanyard supplies to arrive, I am experimenting more with non-commissioned work. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. Unfortunately, as I was taking pictures this morning my camera battery went mysteriously from fully charged to fully empty. D'oh! I snapped a few shots of this necklace before the battery gave out; I hope to capture the rest tonight or tomorrow.

European 4-in-1 in jeweler's brass and stainless steel. The clasp in the back is a brass-colored toggle, black beads throughout the choker, and the leaf pendant is glass. I found that leaf in a craft store ages ago, and it has been sitting in wait for the perfect design until a few days ago. I wanted something to match its size but still feel delicate, hence the small-gauge 4-in-1. It fits very close to the neck to mimic Victorian lace.

As I said, this piece was not a commission. It needs a good home! The price is $80. If you're interested, email me at jules at knittedsteel dot net and we can discuss the transfer of shiny rocks.

If I don't sell it before mid-May, the choker will be making an appearance at the upcoming Abney Park concert at Heaven Nightclub.

~P.S. I took a lint roller to the model bust. These things collect dust fast!

08 April 2009

Inlay in the works

With all this talk of Steampunk and excitement of Steam-Con coming up in the fall, I've been getting a lot of ideas. One of them is another guitar strap, inspired by Abney Park's awesome crew and their beautiful instruments. I've had a few patterns come to mind so I whipped up the most basic one on some graph paper from Mailleworks (Side note - this is one of the most invaluable tools I have come across in the past few years. I used it for TwoTone's guitar strap and the Penny Arcade shirts). It is based on argyle, with the colors being created with different metals instead of anodized aluminum. The paint job is rough; it's just a concept after all.

Yellowish brown = nickel silver; brown = bronze; and grey = stainless steel. All three are, of course, exchangeable for different metals, which I might decide to do before I order materials. Still, I'd love to do another guitar strap and I'm in the mood for argyle!

06 April 2009

Pic-Heavy Update!

I mailed in my SteamCon vendor application, and now all I can do is wait, and show off as much as I possibly can. This post focuses on the jewelry I submitted for the steampunk fashion show my friend Barret organized. I mainly used nickel silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, and some brass.

One note: I have noticed that a LOT of steampunk fashion revolves around clockwork, gears, widgets, gizmos, and old machine parts. I am avoiding that, for the most part. My goal is to bring more maille into steampunk, and for a simple reason. It is an old technology, an old fashion, brought into the here-and-now. It can be functional (need a strap for your goggles that won't break?) or fashionable. It is completely hand made, oozes creativity, and can be worn/used by any class of person. If maille isn't steampunk, then I have completely misunderstood this scene.

First up is this lovely. Stainless Steel necklace with findings from a local craft store. Sold to the lovely lady Sugar.

Next are a few earring samples. On the left is a stepping-stone pattern, on the right a byzantine drop holding some findings.

I know I just previously stated that I would be avoiding stuff like this, but hey. I was curious. And I wanted something dangly.

One of my favorites, Euro 4-in-1 on the bias in copper and nickel silver. I will be having more fun with this variant for sure!

Another favorite, this is an alligator-back bracelet I made for my friend Chris. Nickel Silver and Jeweler's Brass, it is broad and feels heavy but not cumbersome. He has been wearing it nonstop for a few months now, and I think the aging on the metals makes it look even better.

More to come! I have not yet ordered the next batch of lanyard materials due to nasty flu and ComiCon, but there is plenty of time yet before PAX. Cheers!

01 April 2009

SteamCon 2009!

I just received an email from the lovely folks at SteamCon that vendor room applications are available! I haven't done a trade show since the CWU Ware Fair just over a year ago, so I am a little anxious. Still, for the price of a table I think I can do alright. If not, it will still be a fun time!

Right now it looks like Emorimiku and Accalon will be my helpers for this. So, between now and then (especially after I clear out my current commission list) I will be working on building inventory. I want your opinions! Ideas! What kind of jewelry/accessories would you want to see at a steampunk convention? I would love to hear any and all suggestions. earrings, necklaces, wallet chains, goggle straps, guitar straps, ANYTHING! Let me know!

Also, check out the SteamCon website and see if you are interested in attending. Hell, I'm just looking forward to the costumes, creativity, and ABNEY PARK CONCERT. See you there, with your best gears on.