29 May 2012



Alright, so I didn't update a week after that last one. Terrible. To bring you up to speed:
The winner of the stretch bracelet naming thing was "Stretchmaille." Simple, functional, easy to say. Yay!

Punk Rock Flea Market is still in the works. I have been building displays and mailling LOTS of stock for this show, even though it's a one-day affair. I am sticking to less expensive items, though I will have some flashy pieces to show off as well. My boothmate is going to be the amazingly talented Sylvia Armitstead, aka Saberlin, with her beautiful art prints. It should be a good day.

PAX East is over, and PAX Prime is less than 100 days away. You know what that means: Time to order lanyards. They can be found at my Storenvy shop; I'll be updating the listings to include a guaranteed cutoff date for PAX, as well as options for hand delivery at the show (free shipping!).


Now, the big topic of this post is my other project. Outside of work, maille, and life, my board game is very quickly coming to life.

As of this morning at 3:45am PST, Disaster Looms! is fully funded thanks to the hundreds of backers who put their faith and funds in our creativity. But my team and I are not done yet! We want to make the game even more awesome. Please, spread the word (and the link to our Kickstarter page) and help us hit the $40k mark.

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, you might be saying "But it's already funded. Why are you begging for more money?"

The truth is not greed or profit, but truly that we want to make the game amazing AND keep the savings going through the rest of the fundraiser. If you pledge $50 right now, you'll not only be helping us reach our next goal, you will also receive a copy of the game for less than retail value. For $65 you'll get the game plus exclusive bonuses that we will never print again. That's a hell of a value, and you're helping a group of young, enthusiastic people break into the board game industry and prove that small businesses can produce fantastic things. The extra money we earn from Kickstarter will be going straight into the game.

If you have any interest in board games, family nights, occasional evenings away from the TV and console, or even space exploration: take a look at this game. With your help it can become a 6-player experience, expanding the Galaxy with its perils and profits along the way.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to all of the folks who have backed us so far. I joined this project in October, and until now it has not felt quite so real. If anyone wants to see the game up close, two of my teammates will have a demo prototype copy at ORIGINS this week in Columbus, OH. My partners Eric and Wombat will be at Booth #853. Go say hi and pick up a complimentary FRIDGE MAGNET. Woo!