22 June 2010

Restocking Supplies + A Few Fave Sites

I just ordered materials for the current batch. The next order will be on July 10th, and hopefully TRL has restocked their aluminum supply by then. There is one commission I wasn't able to buy the supplies for, but I am also still waiting on an order of custom anodized scales. Fingers crossed they come in soon!

I also put in some orders for gift bags and boxes from one of my fave supply sites, GemsOnDisplay.com. Fellow crafters and jewelry makers, I highly recommend the site for displays and sales accessories. Their service is fast and awesome, and their products are top notch.

I can easily say the same thing to Moo.com for my minicards. They have excellent photo quality printing and a really simple, readable layout. I never had fun ordering cards before I went to Moo, and I'm not yet taking full advantage of Moo's ability to customize cards.

Next up I need to order some swag for PAX Prime through PureButtons.com. A year or two ago they became the unofficial sponsor of the PAX Button Exchange, and now they give discounts to Enforcers and attendees. Out of an order of 100 there may be one dud button if you're unlucky. This year I want to get some compact Knitted Steel mirrors for my awesome customers but I don't have a solid design yet. Maybe I'll come up with three and make a poll here? Yeah, I will let you decide.

These sites give my business that extra little funky flair that I like to include with every order, and that extra touch of class and professionalism in my photography. I could do it without them, but that would be boring! I highly recommend all three of these sites, should you ever want/need what they have to offer.

Cheers. <3

16 June 2010

Friendly Reminder

If you would like a custom lanyard for PAX Prime, the deadline is July 10th. Let me repeat that in large, friendly letters:


Get your order in NOW! You don't have to pay until PAX, but you won't get a lanyard unless you order in time. No exceptions. If I have leftover materials and spare time, I may make extra lanyards for sale in colors and patterns of my choosing. If I were you, I wouldn't wait to find out.