19 January 2011

Wow, This Place Got Dusty.

After a long absence, it's time to write again. I took a bit of an unexpected, unannounced hiatus from the world of mailling and small business, and I apologize profusely to those I've inadvertently ignored. It was nothing personal, nor was it in any way professional. I have a back log of orders now that I will address this weekend and get everything straight.

So what happened? A helluva lot! After PAX I was a little burned out on maille. I picked up knitting as a hobby again (a hobby to escape a hobby?) as well as a second part time job, a weekly sport, and most importantly and wonderfully - I got married. Life has been blissfully crazy and busy and amazing since October. Now with the new year and practically a whole new life, it's time to get back at it!

Coming up first: PAX East. I will unfortunately not be attending this year. 2010 was a whirlwind and I'm sad I can't make it back, but I am still making lanyards. I won't be taking any more orders for this show, but I plan to get through the orders I have stacked up now. Again, I apologize for keeping anyone waiting!

This new hobby, knitting, is just that: pure hobby. I have no intent whatsoever to sell any knitted goods as they are all made either out of love, or out of experimentation. I do, however, plan to incorporate this hobby into Knitted Steel with a side project called Steely Knits. I will be opening a second Etsy shop to sell knit and crochet patterns, as well as maille knitting supplies including fancy stitch markers. The shop (not yet open) will be at steelyknits.etsy.com. Yay! Patterns will include hats, gloves, scarves, cowls, and maybe even handbags and range in difficulty from super easy to intermediate. I'm still working on pricing and such, but they will be sold either in PDF or printed formats.

My next huge goal is to become a vendor at Geek Girl Con, whenever that happens this year. I have high hopes for this show, and after meeting some of the organizers at their last fund raising concert, I'm even more excited. If I get the space, I will be stocking my table with loads of jewelry, lanyards, hopefully some knitting patterns, and maybe some bigger projects like the fishnet shirts and bikini top I still have. Time to really get serious about this stuff.

Before/After GGC, I will most definitely be attending PAX Prime again. I'm still far, far away from ever becoming a vendor there, and honestly I prefer the Enforcer shift anyway. I will be taking orders for Prime lanyards and goods after East is over, and I will make an official announcement for that. Sometime between now and then, KnittedSteel will also be getting its own Facebook page. The account is already active but it is completely bare. Another announcement will be made once that's up and running more than just bare bones.

GGC UPDATE: UGH. Looks like GeekGirlCon just announced the dates and other than PAX Prime weekend, this is the only other weekend this YEAR that I can't do. The only way I can attend now is if other plans (which take extreme priority over a convention) end up moving. I'll know for sure in a week or two. Boourns!

In the meantime, I need to work and work more and hobby more and exercise and love my hubby and ohmagawdsomuchtodooooo! Here are some links entirely unrelated to maille, but I think you may still enjoy.

www.lionbrand.com - has some great free knitting patterns that have taught me new methods and inspired some of my own patterns
www.curlingseattle.org - For the Puget Sounders, Curling is a hilariously fun sport and this club is having open houses in February and March! Go try it out for $15.
www.ravelry.com - for you serious knitters, this is the best community I've found online for all things yarn-related. Patterns, forums, friends, and oodles of knit/crochet photos.
Jonny Nero Action Hero - An amazing chiptunes artist who performed at the GGC fund raiser. Everyone NEEDS to check out his first album, EXPERIMUTATIONS.