12 July 2011

Supporting Local Artists: REVERSAL

Recently my coworker David approached me while I was lunching and mailling at my desk. He's into filmmaking, and rather good at it. (See: THE BOOK OF ZOMBIE) His most recent endeavor - REVERSAL - is currently in pre-production and I think it shows a whole lot of promise.

It started with a killer script...

We chatted and he told me the plot of the movie. Then he said that there's one little movie prop that has a big role - a keychain. He saw my dice earrings at Storenvy and asked if I could make something like that in keychain form. Uh, OF COURSE! I gave him a mockup, which is shown below, and promptly ordered materials for more.

Official Movie Prop!

So now the project has a cast and crew, a solid script, and the coolest prop ever. All it needs is funding. The crew has set up a fantastic fundraising page over at IndieGogo, and I ask you to please go check it out. It will answer all your questions and leave you very intrigued. And please donate! Supporting the local arts and small businesses of Seattle is what makes this city so great and colorful. Besides that, if you donate $100 or more you will get an OFFICIAL MOVIE REPLICA KEYCHAINalong with other cool stuff!

These keychains are not available for sale outside of this fundraiser. The keyring is a nickel-plated steel split ring, roughly 1" in diameter. 7 titanium rings connect the silver-plated die cage, which when pulled gently at both ends, releases the die for use in your on-the-go gaming! It's strong enough to contain the die in your pocket, purse, wherever. The die is a standard d6 and can be swapped out for any other die sized 8-12mm. The keychain will not be found in my store, and I will refuse all custom orders for it until this film is funded. Support the arts!


*Note: The keychain pictured above is the prototype. The final design will not change but the die inside will vary slightly in size and color. I will update this post once a color is chosen!


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Love this key-chain. Good work!

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