23 August 2011

PAX Prime Lanyard Delivery!

Huzzah! Last night I learned my Enforcing schedule for PAX Prime, which means I can plan the rest of my show hours. Let's start with YOU folks. Please read this entire post carefully.

If you have not yet paid for your lanyard, please do so. Either send via paypal (email listed below) before the show, or bring cash with you. Exact change is ideal.

I will be distributing lanyards before my shift begins each day.
You can find me on Level 2 at a table in front of Juice It (listed on the official PAX map), from 9am to 9:50am.

If you can't make it to the morning pickup time, email me ASAP to set up special arrangements - jules @ knittedsteel . net - I'm happy to accommodate. I will do my best to keep up with Twitter, but I have no idea what kind of WiFi signal is available at the WSCC.

FRIDAY NIGHT: I will be at the Protomen concert, helping JonnyNero with his tee shirt and CD sales. He is awesome enough to allow me some table space as well. If you're going to El Corazon and don't have your lanyard yet, stop by and pick yours up. I will likely entice you into buying some of Jonny's merch, too. :)

[ENFORCERS]: I will be at setup for a few hours on Thursday morning, likely folding shirts on the 4th floor. I hope to arrive at 11, and I will stay as late as 2pm. You can also ask me anytime during the show in Enforcerland.

Friday thru Sunday, 10am-2pm, I will be at the PA Merch Booth outside the main Queue Room. Please read this extra carefully: DO NOT COME TO THE MERCH BOOTH FOR YOUR LANYARD. When I am selling Merch, I am on shift as a volunteer for Penny Arcade, Inc. and NOT representing my own business. I will not have the lanyards with me and I will not accept payment for them during those hours. Do not ask anyone else at the Merch booth about my lanyards as they have nothing to do with Knitted Steel. The Merch booth is for Penny Arcade merchandise only! If you want to catch me as I leave my shift, that's absolutely fine. I'm 6ft tall with short blonde hair, you can't miss me.

You must claim your lanyard by 2:30pm Sunday. If your lanyard is unclaimed and unpaid at that time, it will be sold to whomever wants it at the current retail price. For those going to the Post PAX Party at Jillian's, I will once again be manning JonnyNero's table and I will sell any extra, unpaid lanyards I possess.

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