06 November 2008

"Getting Back on Track" or "A Peek Into Real Life"

I maille by night, but by day... wait, no. I work the evening shift. I promise, tomorrow I will get back to showing you progress of the shirts. My goal for this evening is to finish the front section of Gabe's.

I have not made nearly as much progress this week as I would have liked, but life has been crazy. For starters, I have still been dealing with car stuff, and insurance stuff, re: my wrecked 240. I also picked up my new car. Meet Skeeter:

He is an 8 year old Beetle with a turbo attitude. You can take two references from the name, depending on what type of geek you are -- 1) Rita Skeeter's animagus form is a beetle, and 2) When I honk the horn, it sounds like Skeeter Valentine from the old animated series "Doug."

Aside from that, work has been crazy. On Tuesday I worked long to cover the election - Yay Obama! - and yesterday I pulled a 12 hour shift in order to help out with the camera crew at the Seattle Auto Show. My station is dedicating a half hour to showing the best and most beautiful, and I have been getting as involved as possible. All the tween graphics are mine (interstitials, commercial bumps, and the intro!), plus I was able to help with the filming yesterday and stand in as an "attendee" in some shots.

It was a great couple of days, but I came home last night exhausted. Hopefully today will be calmer. I hope to get a lot of mailling done on my lunch break and after work. Pics tomorrow!

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Carol said...

I love your car! It's so you!!!