13 May 2009

A Few Things To Celebrate

Last weekend was a fun, busy one. I was up early on Friday to head over the mountains to the magical, beige land of eastern Washington to visit friends and family. While the friend front was a little disappointing (the majority of my college friends have graduated and escaped campus, congrats all!) I did get to have a great lunch with a former roommate/fellow jeweler and catch up with her, and I stopped by my old campus job to say hi to everyone there.

The rest of the weekend was wonderfully spent celebrating mother's day, my nephew's second birthday (5 minutes after the candles were blown out, he said 'no.' let the terrible 2's begin!) and my sister-in-law's baby shower. And somehow, I managed to throw a little maille in the mix. I can't wait to have a niece. Once she's old enough I can start making her some kid jewelry!

My nephew and soon-to-be niece both got adorable paintings I commissioned from a great lady at UW. My older nephew, Sam (he's six and has the energy of 12 cups of coffee) was doing his best not to take control of his little brother's birthday party. It's been forever since I saw him last, so I took a little gift for him as well.

What 6-year-old doesn't love glow in the dark things? When I got back from the baby shower he told me that the bracelet glows in the bathroom AND the closet. Awesome!

I was extremely belated in giving my sister-in-law her birthday gift, so I decided to make something a little more special. E4-in-1 bias in sterling with a small toggle clasp. Oh how I love my toggles. She really enjoyed the bracelet and ended up wearing it all day! Happy belated birthday!

Now, as the proud auntie I have to share this photo of the birthday boy with his favorite birthday gift. Such a cutie!


Carol said...

I love that picture of Noah! I can't get over how blonde he is!

eye-shuh said...

Haha, awesome! He likes the same colors (and glow) that I do!! XD

eye-shuh said...

PS: Thanks for the mention. <3 You have no idea how happy I am that the paintings are liked!

youngseeliqueen said...

and what a good lunch it was indeed :D We will have to do so more often, especially once summer starts up and I'm not up to my ears in plaster and metal!