03 May 2009

Commissions - Order Now for PAX!

Now that I have Batch 2 supplies, it's time to update the commission list!

++Commissions++ (Paid = Italics, completed = Bold)

redhalo -- solid red
nightrunner -- fancy watch chain
Gary Fultz -- Camelot bracelet
Jaxx -- blue/black (blue on the outside)
Mojo -- fancy watch chain
Kala -- Turquoise/Orange
nightrunner -- solid bronze ($50)
Predd -- red/blue
Snifit -- Red/Black
MSpencer -- flattened steel ($45)
Minja -- 2 bracelets, green/silver 18g 3/16"

Tajah -- red/gold
Rogue_Hunter -- black/violet
Chelseabot -- blue/purple lanyard + black/blue glow choker ($85)

EntOnFire -- Silver/Blue
Morte -- Silver/Blue
Snapty -- Green/Silver
Snickers -- Green/Gold
DaNerd -- Purple/Red
Contre -- Blue/Yellow
Captain Tapole -- Green/Blue and Blue/Black ($80)
Wormdundee -- Red/Bronze (AA)
Spoony -- Euro/Persian stretch bracelet, black EPDM/BlackAA(inside)/BA(outside) ($25)

DIMD -- Red/Black
ACC3SS -- solid black
StankerBell -- copper/green helm chain lanyard ($45)


Please note, Batch 3 will likely be the last batch of lanyard orders before PAX.
If you want a lanyard for PAX, order it before July 1st. That will be my final cutoff date, and the day I order materials for Batch 3. If you are curious about options or more info, refer back to my first lanyard post. If that doesn't answer your questions, email me at jules@knittedsteel.net or send me a DM on twitter: @KnittedSteel.


Right now I have two priorities on my plate: Finishing Batch 2 commissions, and building inventory for the Flea Market (I have one month HOLY CRAP). If you are in Batch 2 and need your commission post-haste, let me know.

In regards to the Flea Market, I'm still looking for inventory input! Let me know what you would be interested in seeing, please!

1 comment:

eye-shuh said...

RE: flea market

Earrings (all the ones you've posted so far have been gorgeous!) and I'm rather partial to the look of the thicker bracelets.

Maybe a dangley necklace too? I like dangley things. XD

OH! You should see if thumb rings would work.