31 January 2010

A quick note

I've been having an oh-so-lovely time lately with bots leaving comments on old posts. They are off-topic, badly coded, and clearly do not have a grasp on the English language. I am not interested in cheap viagara, meth ingredients or financial blogs with bad advice thank you very much.

To cut down on the spam, I updated some comments settings here. From now on you will have to do one of those word verification thingies with the wonky letters before your comment is posted. It's an extra step for you guys and a little annoying, I know. But it should prevent spam from hitting my recent posts.

Along with that I am starting limited moderation. If you make a comment on a blog post that is over 2 weeks old, I will have to accept it before it appears. Most of the spam so far has shown up on my older posts, so again this should help cut the crap. If you see something from an old post that you're interested in, send me an email instead.

On a more maille-related note, please get your lanyard order in by Feb. 10th if you want it for PAX East!

I imagine spam bots to look like the guy in the pic above.

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