16 January 2010

Lanyard Commission List

For info on how to order a lanyard, please see my previous post.

**Fehlauer: blue/orange lanyard **
**ChibiTzar: pink/silverAA byz lanyard 18g 3/16" ($50)**
**BonnieB: yellow/black lanyard **
**Whypick1: purple/gold**    
**BigDaddyDream: violet/black** 
**Scott Trogam: blue/black
---- turq/pink 
---- red/gold/silver/Sblack pirate band ($20)** 
++Alatheia: purple/green lanyard 

++Beker: purple/gold
++Drysil: black
++ZeroHourHero: black/red
++Redstar: silver/bronze
++Stalefish: black/orange 
++Mogen: blue/black
++ABS1N: red/black
++Xevo: green/black
++Jon: red/black horiz. stripes
++Nexagelion: black/blue
++Jaime: blue/orange
++Rhaje: blue/other 
++Caedo: red/blue 
++CamDogg: black/yellow
++muttonhead: black/gold
++Eep!: green/black and blue/black 
++Singollo: purple/black
++Midnight: blue/silver
++Rdr: all black
++Veav: bronze/gold
++Luneowl: green+bronze vertical/gold horiz. ($45)
++drobro: black/silver
Sl1pstream: black

 --Post PAX-E--
Pwatts: All black
---- red/black
---- blue/gold

++Other Commissions++
++ZeroHourHero: Lori/Lupus bracelet ($7)
++Ezekiel: 2 blueAA/black pirate bands ($20)
**Requies: 2 Niobium HP4-in-1 9" 18g 1/4" Bracelets**
++LewieP: redAA/black pirate band
++Jaime: RoseGoldNiobium/black and PeacockBlueNiobium/black pirate bands ($40)
**Groove: Flattened Steel HP4-1 bracelet** 

Bold = completed
Italicized = paid
++ = bagged (this is more for my own reference so I know which ones have been packaged and labeled)
**/** = shipped


BigDaddyDream said...

Are you still updating this list?
I feel excited like I'm 6yo again getting my first bike.
Then the other part of me feels like Veruca Salt. I WANT IT NOOOOOW!

Liger said...

Yes I am. :) Anytime a status on a lanyard updates I post it here as soon as I can.

BigDaddyDream said...


BigDaddyDream said...

When do you plan on shipping it out?
Please don't take this as me being pushy. Just want to know. :)

BigDaddyDream said...

It's so awesome!
Thank you so very much.
I'll be ordering more as soon as I can afford to.
Thanks again.