17 February 2010

A New Etsy Store - Bunco Boxes

I get a lot of my creativity from my mom. She and my dad have always been a huge influence on me and what I do. My outlet is jewelry, design and layout. Mom's is theme parties and decorations. She is an amazing hostess, and for the past several years she's been a part of an extremely fun Bunco group. When she joined, she introduced them to themed Bunco nights and the group was very quick to adopt the theme scheme into their monthly games. Hers are (as I hear it) far and beyond the most popular because of the effort she puts into each one. Travel, Black & White, and Nautical are all themes that she has explored thoroughly, but after each party she has a box full of supplies and nowhere to put them!

Last month we had an idea. She had heard of Etsy and follows my store and blog closely. (Hi, Mom!) I suggested we open a store selling party theme kits. This week she came up for a visit; she brought up all of the supplies from her Nautical Bunco and I set up my little photo studio. BAM! Bunco Boxes is born. So far she only has one kit for sale, but let me tell you it is amazing. If you play Bunco or you know anyone who does, please pass this on! It is literally a party in a box; all you need is the prizes.

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