11 April 2010

Current Commission List

**Pwatts: All black and red/black and blue/gold**
**NotHanz: green/black and red/black**
**ProjektSoul: turquoise/black**
**Geek Chic Matt: violet/silver w/ belt clip**
**Danicia: pink/violet**
**LThanda: green/blue/yellow/silver (vertical?!)**
**Tek: bronzeAA/titanium**
++Chaosisorder: pink/black++
**Wormdundee: green/purple (4:16 ratio)**
++Warthen: red/black (half solid red, half solid black)++
**Steel Fire: titanium/redAA/black niobium (Byzantine)**
**Ricter: solid green**
**Nomad: flattened steel/blue glow rubber**
**ChibiTzar: black/rainbow**
++Jeff D: copper/black/silverAA++
++freebsdgirl: solid pink++
++Netcrusher: Blue/black++
++Djiem: Blue/black++
++PsychoPez: violet/turquoise++
++Pinder: blue/bronze++
++whatzedeuce: purple/gold++
**Michael I: yellow/orange/silver (rush)**
++WAITLIST Locke: red/black/blue++
++WAITLIST JonXP: black/blue/orange++
++WAITLIST Joe L: solid silver(BA)++

**Xevo: black/greenEPDM pirate band**
**NotHanz: Black necktie**
**Jaime: Peacock Blue Niobium/BlackEPDM pirate band**
**Geek Chic Matt: steampunk bracelet**
**Jerry H: green/silver necktie**
**Tek: cobalt blue niobium/glow white stretch gatorback wristband**
**Tek's brother: 16g 3/16" titanium leather cord bracelet**
**Contre: black/silverAA omega dicebag**
**BonnieB: plain dice bag**
**cb: flat steel/blackEPDM and flat steel/greenEPDM pirate bands**
**Jaime: Teal Niobium/blackEPDM (kid size)**
**Beker: blue dice bag, trizantine nickel silver watch chain**
++Mike W: black neck tie++
++Tek: flattened steel wallet chain, ($55)++
**Jana H: silverAA/GreenEPDM pirate band**
++chaosisorder: sunrise necklace in AA++
**Jerry H: blue/turq necktie**
++Contre: black/silverAA omega dicebag (black is primary)++
++rabies: punk scale necklace black rings/silverAA scales++
++notaboyscout: black iceAA dice bag w/ NABS inlay in blueAA ($75)++

DPLowber: 2 pirate bands

Bold = Complete
Italic = Paid
++/++ = Packaged
**/** = Shipped
~~~ = separates batches

Basic prices:
Standard Lanyard = $40
Standard pirate band = $10
Niobium pirate band = $20
d6 cage earrings = $15
Necktie = $200
Custom work = case-by-case basis

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