25 April 2010

Progress, and Delays

I am shipping a bunch of completed orders tomorrow and waiting to order more materials. Unfortunately TRL is short of stock on the aluminum colors I need, so I am watching the site like a crazy person to get my next batch as soon as possible. I'll update this post as soon as I can order, and then I will be mailling like mad to get everyone their lanyards/neckties/bracelets/various shiny things!

I may also have a large project headed my way. I can't talk about it just yet, but if it goes through I will post pics and info sometime in September. Fingers crossed. ^_^

Cheers all.

UPDATE: Good news! Materials for all current projects have been ordered. The lanyards may look a little different - I ordered saw cut rings for some of the aluminum colors, and TRL is trying a new anodizing method on their black rings. If they just don't look right I will wait until the normal machine cut rings are back in stock. I'm sure they'll be great, however, and you will (hopefully) enjoy the saw cut rings. I'll update again when the shipment arrives. Until then, I will fill as many orders as possible with the supplies I have on hand and spend the rest of my time expanding my Etsy store, which is long overdue for more products.

UPDATE UPDATE: Supplies have arrived! I spent my lunch break today checking and labeling inventory and I'm moving on to play a grueling game of Catch-Up with my commission list. Thank you all for being patient! <3

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