09 September 2008

Formal Attire

I will admit that I was 100% inspired by the 8-bit necktie when I decided to try some more scale maille work. Kemper's shirt (You can also see his new bracers) had come out beautifully, I had some blue leftover and The Ring Lord was experimenting with a new way of anodizing with the black. Well, how could I pass up an opportunity like this? Once I found a buyer, I was locked in for sure.

This took a LOT of experimenting to get just the right length, dimensions, and shape of the knot. For the neck band I used 16g 5/16" AA rings with rubber spaced evenly throughout for a bit of stretchy comfort. It's attached to the knot permanently on one end, and fixes with a hook on the other. More pics with closer detail can be found at my Flickr.

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