25 September 2008

Quick n Easy

As much as I love doing the Big Projects - shirts, bracers, etc. - my most popular item is my simplest. It's a half-persian 3-in-1 bracelet in aluminum and rubber (16ga 5/16", big surprise). When I was one of the Mischief Makers in college, my roommate and I were browsing online and came across a geeky apparel store that featured the identical weave and materials in a series of bracelets. There were only three color combos, to reflect characters from a certain webcomic. One of those bracelets was called the Ninja Bracelet, and was all black. We liked the look of them so much, we yoinked the idea and called them Pirate Bands.

Not that it was really stealing. It's a common weave, and the products have been out of stock for so long that they've been removed from the website. We didn't just stop at three color combos, either. We tried all kinds of combos, and the bracelets have been a smash hit. Now, I can't wait to get my hands on that glow in the dark stock and explore the possibilities a bit more.

If you're interested, they're not too expensive. $10 for standard colors, $15 for glow in the dark.

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