17 February 2009

Commission list update

Current Commish List (not including lanyards):

*DONE/DELIVERED*sterling elf weave bracelet (7.25")
*DONE* sterling half-persian choker (15.5")
*DONE* stainless belt chain (23")
*DONE* aluminum kingsmaille cuff (6.5")
*DONE/DELIVERED* Pirate Band, purple w/ blue stretch glow
*DONE* Pirate Band, green w/ blue stretch glow
*DONE* E4-in-1 stretch glow choker
*DONE/DELIVERED* HP3-in-1 black choker w/red scale accents
*DONE* Medium dice bag w/inlay, black/purple
*DONE/DELIVERED* Pirate Band, blue w/ black stretch
*DONE/DELIVERED* Pirate Band, pink w/ black stretch

I am SO happy to have all of these completed. However, I am a little embarrassed. The file I kept with details on all of my commissions has gone missing, probably when I went on a massive cleaning spree in my file drawer. (yes, I keep paper files. I also write with a quill and seal envelopes with decorative wax.) Luckily I had this list, otherwise a couple of things might have been gone with the trash. oops...

So... That green and blue pirate band. Who did I make it for? It is ready and waiting, and glowing occasionally, and it needs a home. If I made it for you, contact me via twitter, email, comment here, IRC, phone call, whatever. I can't believe I've forgotten who ordered this. ARGH.

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