16 February 2009

Custom Badge Lanyards for PAX

Quick note before the real subject of this post -- I just ordered a portable light box from ThinkGeek! Finally I'll be able to take some decent photos of my maille. Next (MAJOR) purchase will be a macro lens for awesome close-up detail.

NOW. Badge lanyards. I made a couple of these for a couple of Enforcers at PAX 08 and they not only looked awesome, they did not even threaten to break. If you are a Buttoneer (participant in the PAX button exchange) these lanyards function well for collecting those buttons because the weave allows you to thread the pin between the rings!

Made from anodized aluminum, these are lightweight and comfortable. The weave allows the lanyard to lay flat against your neck and chest and the badge clip is permanently fixed.

Starting now, I am going to take custom orders for PAX 09. For a standard aluminum 1-2 color lanyard, I charge $40. For each additional color after that I'll add $5 (i.e. a 4-color lanyard will be $50). I can do other options, such as a flattened steel lanyard (example pic coming soon!) for a negotiable price. SteamCon is coming up in October. If you want a full brass lanyard, I can make you one. Copper/Steel/Brass mix, sure. Solid sterling silver, you bet.

If you want one, comment on this post or email me at Jules@knittedsteel.net! I'll be taking orders until July, but the sooner you order, the sooner you can use the lanyard for other stuff too! SakuraCon, ECCC, Work, I'm looking at all of you. o_O

Commission List (Paid=Italics, Done=Bold, stricken=delivered):
Snifit -- Red/Black
--Mojo -- Flattened Steel ($45)--
--Theros -- Purple/blue--
--MetaverseNomad -- Blue/Black--
xxhennersxx -- Black/Pink
--Ashridah -- Green/Purple TITANIUM ($60)--
--CuZZa -- Orange/Blue--
Turduckin -- Black/Silver/Gold ($45)
--BigRed -- totally custom helm chain nickel silver/bronze ($45)--
J0z1e -- solid purple, wedding gift *GIFT*
ShyGuy -- solid green, wedding gift *GIFT*
--Accalon -- Pink/Black--
MeeOk -- Silver/Black/Red ($45)
VThornheart -- Black/Yellow
--Oberon -- Black/Sterling ($65)--
--Carol -- Pink/Silver--
--Nicholaus -- Green/Silver--
Spectre -- Black/Red
Sweety -- Black/Violet
[435] -- Red/Brass ($45)
--deadmetal -- black/yellow horiz. stripes--
--Quicksnap -- black/Brass ($45)--
--Eye-Shuh -- black/blue glow ($50)--
--Haikon -- Black/Brass/Bronze 50/25/25 ($50)--

[update] I have ordered materials for Batch 1. If you still want a lanyard and haven't ordered one yet, your order will go into Batch 2 and I will purchase the materials for it at a later date. I won't be able to finish it in time for the more recent upcoming conventions. Thanks everyone!

Jonny Nero -- black/silver horiz. stripes
Minja -- 2 bracelets, green/silver 18g 3/16"
Doxy -- green Ti & orange ($50)
Tajah -- red/gold
redhalo -- solid red
Accalon -- blue/silver
nightrunner -- solid bronze ($50)
Rogue_Hunter -- black/violet
Predd -- red/blue
Kala -- Turquoise/Orange


SpawnOfCthulhu said...

Hey, I wouldn't mind a red and black one. In fact, that would be pretty cool.

Rogue_hunter said...

These look great. I'll be ordering one for sure.

Wedge said...

Liger was kind enough to make one of these for my b'day, I wore one throughout PAX 08, they are indeed quite awesome. They are very strong and keep cool against your skin. And they look awesome. Vastly preferable to any other lanyard.

Joel said...

How possible is a burnt orange/olive green doohicky?

Liger said...

I can do something similar to burnt orange/olive green. Anodized Titanium has a great look to it in green: http://theringlord.com/images/products/rings/tagreen.jpg

And gold or bronze-colored aluminum would blend really well with that: http://theringlord.com/images/products/rings/AAColorsLG.jpg

Titanium is a little pricier, but not much. If you want to chat more about it, drop me an email at jules@knittedsteel.net. Cheers!

Gracewanderer said...

Oberon would like a primarily black with the odd sterling silver ring stuck in lanyard. (Unless another metal would be substantially - more than $15 - cheaper, in which case anything silvery would be fine. But I doubt it'd make that much difference.)

Someone said...

VT here, Fantastic idea Liger! =) =)

I'll be in for one as soon as I get some spare cash (hopefully this next paycheck =) )

Can mine be yellow and black in homage of my Triwizard Drinking Tournament team? =)

Liger said...

Gracewanderer: How odd? Like, put some bling in every 10 links? If he just wants something silvery I can do the entire thing in black/bright aluminum for no additional cost.

VT: Can do!

Gracewanderer said...

I am Oberon =)

I was thinking randomly interspersed rather than at regular intervals. But I'd prefer (and am willing to pay for) actual silver links.

Liger said...

Oberon - k. Next question, about what % of the lanyard do you want to be sterling?

Gracewanderer said...

I'm not sure how dense the links are, but I'm thinking roughly two or three silver links per inch.

Liger said...

Oberon - 2-3 links per inch would be roughly 1.5oz of sterling. To cover material costs, I'd have to charge an extra $25, bringing it to $65 total.

Gracewanderer said...

I could handle that =)

Quick said...

I'm interested in one as well. Black and Gold or Black and Brass (like my bracelet) whichever you think will work best. This isn't particularly urgent, just figured I'd get my order in early and then leave the rest to you so feel free to take it up at your leisure.

You can expect to be paid in full, just let me know when that needs to happen.


eye-shuh said...

I would like a black and light blue one, the light blue being glow-in-the-dark please!

Thanks and sorry for the late order! I would love to rock this thing at Sakura-con if possible!

Joel said...

I like that green, but I think I like the orange better than the gold or bronze. What would that'n run me?

PS: I am Doxy.

Jonny Nero said...

I would like to get one please. black and white and striped please. Thank you...please :p

Liger said...

Doxy - half Ti half Aluminum would run you at $50.

Joel said...

You talked me into it. With the orange.

Tajah said...

How would red and gold look? I trust your keen sense of maille fashion & general awesomeness.

Liger said...

Tajah: It would look like Gryffindor. gold gold or aluminum gold?

Tajah said...

Aluminum gold =) Yay! So excited! No big rush. I can get payment to you towards the end of the month - just let me know!

redhalo said...

Hola Liger, I'd totally be down for a solid red lanyard if I could.