19 February 2009

The Light Box is here!

And oh man, it is going to make things look so much nicer! I still have some practicing to do, and tweaking, and prop-hunting. Right now my backdrop is a not-entirely-white pillow case. I need to get something whiter and lighter. I also need to find the best combination of lights, possibly take advantage of my desk lamp and craft light as well as the two stage lights that came with the light box kit. Enough babbling, here are some photos of work from my commission list!

Sterling Choker for mygiantrobot

Kingsmaille bracelet for CosmicRay

Glow in the dark choker for Broken_Angel

Custom dice bag for Heels

Belt/Wallet chain for Quicksnap

I've started (and almost completed) one badge lanyard. Expect photos soon! Also, more of my steampunk goodies. Huzzah!


Archeious said...

I love the choker and wallet chain. I am a sucker for that weave. Excellent work.

Carol said...

Those look great!! Nick and I have an extra hologen desk lamp if that would help.