14 July 2010

Child's Play 2010 - I Need Your input!

Every year, Child's Play Charity puts on a glamorous dinner and auction to raise money for their cause. It is a wonderful program run by wonderful people, and supported worldwide. I like to go to the dinner every year and bid on the silent auction items, and in 2008 I donated two maille shirts to be auctioned. The shirts were a group effort by the Penny Arcade community - built and funded by great people. I'd like to take on a similar but much smaller project this year.

My inspiration comes from this - The Megaman II Project.
I want to do something like it, but on a much smaller scale. A series of wall hangings roughly the size of MegaMan in the lower left corner. Each one would have a video game sprite, logo, object, or otherwise memorable and game/pop culture-related icon.

So you all, as gamers and nerd culture enthusiasts, I ask you this: If I were to make a series of these, roughly 6"x6", what would you like to see? What would you hang in your home/office? Triforce? 1-up Mushroom? Pac Man? Let me know by commenting on this post. I'll take the top ideas and make them a reality this fall.



Anonymous said...

1-up, pac-man, pac-man ghost, mega-man, mario, luigi, castlevania characters, bowser, donkey kong characters, TMNT characters

Recruit said...

Personally, I would suggest an 8-bit Link, a close-up of a character from Chrono Trigger (Chrono, Lucca or Frog's head), pokeball open and closed, The Zombies Ate My Neighbors kid (I don't remember what his name was)

Anonymous said...

the Nintendo or Castlevania logos
the S logo from the SNES metroid games.
or the whole SuperMetroid logo
or the lightning ball thing

Anonymous said...

Sonic, Super Sonic, Tales, Knuckles, Shadow, etc
the sonic logo, chaos emeralds
Prince of Persia jumping from a ledge
a "Pitfall scene"
Asteroids characters
a "Pong Board"
a Fireball
Mario in all his forms from SMB3

Anonymous said...

Super Sonic surrounded by the correct number of Chaos Emeralds

Bonk from "Bonk's Adventure"

Final Fantasy 1 characters
Final Fantasy 2 characters

Anonymous said...

metroid brain hugger
metroid queen
metroid ship

Contre said...

if you have the pixel density I would suggest some of the characters from the LucasArts adventure games:

Guybrush Threepwood
Sam and Max
Purple Tentacle

eye-shuh said...

I vote for a boo, 1up shroom, princess peach crown, wario, a final fantasy mage, the duck hunt duck, the duck hunt dog, and bowser!

Oh! And that creepy egg throwing pink dinosaur. She's gotta have some fans.

Archeious said...

1-Up (or Mega) Mushroom (http://archeious.deviantart.com/#/d195kzk), Triforce (http://archeious.deviantart.com/#/d195l53), and PacMan (http://archeious.deviantart.com/#/d195kry) all translate well into chainmaile.

Erick - aka Beker said...

Nintendo controller
CP Logo (with permission of course)
one up Mushroom
Donkey Kong

It might be worth looking around to some of the various video game t-shirt sites and seeing what are some of the really popular icons they use.

ZeroHourHero said...

Bullet... Bill...

He doesnt get enough love.