11 July 2010

I Had Some Spare Rings

So I made a pretty thing! This is made entirely of 16g 1/4" aluminum rings, mostly in 2-in-1 pattern. I built it to fit my lovely model Andi, so I would say it's a small-medium size.

It is completed and for sale! I thought I would offer it up to my lovely readers before putting it on Etsy for a bigger audience. The price is $135 + $5 shipping, but if one of you buys it before July 17th, I'll knock $10 off and the shipping is free!

That's right.
If you buy this by July 17th, the total cost is $125.

After that it will be on Etsy for full price. And speaking of Etsy, I have another negligee top there for the large-XL size ladies out there, seen below.

Perfect for this wonderful summer heat we're getting here. Happy shopping!

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