27 July 2010

CONTEST: Win a PAX Prime 2010 3-Day Prize Package (and banana*)

Knitted Steel is hosting its first ever contest with fabulous prizes!

Did you miss out on getting your 3-Day pass for PAX Prime? Here's your second chance. And with it comes other cool stuff!

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:
- One 3-Day PAX Prime 2010 pass for September 3-5 in Seattle, WA
- One Knitted Steel badge lanyard in PAX Prime colors
- One Knitted Steel hackey sack (you'll need something to do while standing in line), also in PAX Prime colors

One Glorious Runner Up will receive:
- One banana*

So how do you win? That's where it gets a little tricky. This isn't a contest for scalpers; there must be some reason you deserve to get this prize. I want you to tell me why, in your most creative way. It can be through video, poetry, short form fiction, interpretive dance, paintings, sculptures, photography, ANYTHING you can imagine with some restrictions:
- All written entries must be 1000 words or less
- Must be SFW. No naughty bits, excessive bad language, etc.
- All entries must convey, in some manner, why you deserve this pass more than anyone else
- Don't injure anyone or anything. I will not be responsible for your hospital bills.
- You must be at least 13 years old to enter. If you're under 13 and reading this, where are your parents?!
- You must follow Wheaton's Law 

DEADLINE: All entries must be received no later than midnight Pacific Time on Friday, August 20th. An esteemed panel of judges will decide the Grand Prize Winner and Glorious Runner Up soon after, and announcements will be made no later than August 27th. Entries will be judged according to creativity, originality and the weather**.

E-mail your entries (or links to them) to jules @ knittedsteel . net by the deadline to be eligible. 

By entering, you give me permission to post your entries online for the whole world to see. Your private info will not be sold to third parties. Any entries not following the restrictions listed above will be automatically disqualified and probably made fun of.

* Banana will vary from the one pictured above because I just ate it. One Glorious Runner Up's banana may be real, paper, or even maille. It's a surprise!
** Entries cannot be held responsible for Seattle's unpredictable weather patterns and will thus be awarded equal points.

Update: PAX Saturday Badges are SOLD OUT!


Groove said...

I'm a banana

Liger said...

** Groove may be a valid option for the banana prize.

Ben said...

Groove is more a boobie prize than a banana prize though.

Katherine said...

Can I enter for my cousin, he's high level autistic and I know he wanted to go but didn't get his birthday money in time to buy a pass.

Liger said...

Sure, Katherine. Just make sure he has some input on the entry. ;)