21 January 2009

Guitar Straps

I've made a couple of guitar straps, which are time consuming but very, very rewarding. Both were commissions from fellow Enforcers. The first is for a friend, BigRed, who wanted a steel strap with his name in red aluminum. This was my first attempt at a guitar strap and I think it was successful. The ends are made of a soft leather piece I found at a craft store. They are doubled over, sewn together with red rings, and grommets punched through the end to attach to the actual maille strap. This one was made specifically for Guitar Hero/Rock Band

The second is for another friend who actually plays guitar. His handle is TwoTone, and he's all about the checkerboard. This one is entirely aluminum, with the added challenge of a full inlay. The leather ends were made in the same fashion with turquoise rings vs red. I made a very silly mistake while making this one and ordered two different ring sizes. Oops! Had to remedy that.

These were very fun projects. Simple 4-in-1, but it's amazing how versatile that weave is.

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