15 January 2009

More Fun With Braceletes

I really need to get into the habit of posting regularly, so I am going to start by putting up a pic here and there whenever I get them onto Flickr. Luckily, I took a bunch of pics the other day and only showed you a few on my last post.

A lot of times when I am at work, I have a few spare minutes on my lunch break after eating to fool around with some rings. I also have a lot of small batches of miscellaneous rings leftover from previous orders.

To keep myself occupied, I have been flipping through the many, many weave pages at M.A.I.L.L.E. Artisans. I am a bit limited by the ring sizes I have on hand, but I do what I can to learn some new tricks. Very recently I've fallen for the Alligator Back weave. It is very strong looking, easy to learn, and makes a great statement.

I started with some 16g 1/4" ID AA and EPDM to make one for myself. I wanted to give it more of a punk feel and make it a good, wide band, so I strayed from pure Alligator and added a couple more rows of Euro in the middle.

The weave is very stiff in this size, but the rings are also new. The EPDM will loosen up with wear, at which time I will most likely take a bit of length out of the bracelet so it remains a snug cuff on my wrist.

This next bracelet is also stretch, 1/4" and Alligator Back weave, but it is much more flexible. The aluminum rings are 18g instead of 16g, which not only loosens up the weave but also makes the green EPDM more prominent. Perfect, since the friend I am giving it to loves that color. I was tempted to widen this one like the black/purple variant, but as I put it together it looked better than I originally hoped.

That's it for today. I will try to update regularly, once or twice a week. Poke at me on IRC/Twitter/etc. if I fall behind!

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