04 January 2009


Hey All. Sadly my camera battery chose the worst time to die this weekend, and I did not get a shot of the ornament I gave to my parents. So, I'll describe it to you! A frosted silver/white glass ornament from Target, captured with sterling silver byzantine and E4-in-1, and a little flourish with four dangling mobius chains. I'll get a picture of it next year when it is hanging on the tree. The visit home was great, and I got back into town today just as the first flakes began to fall again along the west coast.

Now, down to SRS BIZNES.

I am making a TRL order this week. On my plate so far is 18g 3/16" sterling silver, 18g 1/4" black AA, 16g 5/16" purple AA, same size blue glow stretch, and 16g 5/16" flat stainless. If there is anything you want, LET ME KNOW. It is better/easier/cheaper for me to do large orders. In other words, it lets me sell you awesome stuff for less. :D email me, catch me in IRC, or post a comment here. I will be checking all 3. I plan to order on Tuesday or Wednesday, so talk to me soon!

Current Commish List:
sterling elf weave bracelet (7.25")
sterling half-persian choker (15.5")
stainless belt chain (23")
aluminum kingsmaille cuff (6.5")
Pirate Band, purple w/ blue stretch glow
Pirate Band, green w/ blue stretch glow
E4-in-1 stretch glow choker
*DONE/DELIVERED* HP3-in-1 black choker w/red scale accents
Medium dice bag w/inlay, black/purple
*DONE* Pirate Band, blue w/ black stretch
*DONE* Pirate Band, pink w/ black stretch

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