14 January 2009

A Long Overdue Update

With pics! Happy 2009 everyone. Here's a little bit of what I have been up to, including a few pieces from my previous commission list.

First up, my good ol' Pirate Bands. Still a good, simple favorite among friends. These two are shipping off to Australia.

Next, the choker with scales. A commission for a birthday gift, this is custom sized and accented with a few red TRL scales. A little bit of jingle!

If you follow my flickr, this is a repost of a previous bracelet. BUT this one was done in a semi-professional manner, instead of using a poorly-lit camera in my work office. Stepping Stones (love this weave, nagged it from the lovely folks on the TRL forum) in sterling silver. Sooo pretty.

More pieces to come soon. With that next TRL order I'll have plenty of stuff for you guys to see. My hope is to not only improve on my mailling (as always), but to improve my photography of my work and eventually get a more professional setup with lights and backdrops. Thanks for looking!

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