05 March 2009

Lanyard Materials, and the First One Finished

Double woo woo! The first batch of materials arrived this morning. Pics to come later of piles of maille goodness plus the first completed lanyard!

Those of you in the first batch (see the previous lanyard post if you're not sure) let me know if you need your lanyard sooner than later. i.e. if you're going to ECCC or SakuraCon and you want to use your lanyard for that. PLEASE leave a comment on this post.

Check back later for fun pics!


eye-shuh said...

I would like mine for ECCC if possible! I can grab out money whenever to pay yah! Or shall I use paypal?

Gracewanderer said...

No hurry.


Haikon said...

I have a convention up here from April 2nd - April 5th and I'd like to use it.

Of course I'd have to get it from you and I plan to come down there either the weekend of the 21st or 28th - Not sure which yet.

No worries if that's not possible. Thanks.

QuickSnap said...

Mine is an "At your leisure" kind of thing. Yeah I'm going to ECCC but I honestly don't care if I have it by then or by July. There's no rush on this.


Anonymous said...

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