29 March 2009

Black Velvet Displays

How Awesome? So awesome. I need to find a good way to keep these clean now.


Quick said...

Two words: Lint Brush. :D

Archeious said...

Duct Tape solves all problems, big or small.

Gracewanderer said...

One a scale from one to awesome, THESE are Super-Fantastic!

Trish said...

I use clear packing tape at my work to keep those types of displays clean, but lint rollers work too! Anything that will stick the fuzzies but won't leave a residue (which duct tape might).
I love your blog and your jewelry! I admire your patience in linking all the chainmail together. Making jewelry is a lot of fun for me, but I only have the patience for chainmail earrings.
I am also hoping to be a vendor at steamcon- I'll stop by your booth!
(Turgoz's gf)