01 April 2009

SteamCon 2009!

I just received an email from the lovely folks at SteamCon that vendor room applications are available! I haven't done a trade show since the CWU Ware Fair just over a year ago, so I am a little anxious. Still, for the price of a table I think I can do alright. If not, it will still be a fun time!

Right now it looks like Emorimiku and Accalon will be my helpers for this. So, between now and then (especially after I clear out my current commission list) I will be working on building inventory. I want your opinions! Ideas! What kind of jewelry/accessories would you want to see at a steampunk convention? I would love to hear any and all suggestions. earrings, necklaces, wallet chains, goggle straps, guitar straps, ANYTHING! Let me know!

Also, check out the SteamCon website and see if you are interested in attending. Hell, I'm just looking forward to the costumes, creativity, and ABNEY PARK CONCERT. See you there, with your best gears on.


Tom said...

Chainmaille fingerless gloves?

Gracewanderer said...

Pocket watch chains.

Macca said...

Wristwatch cuffs