30 April 2009

Some Earrings and a Request for Opinions

I think I posted these before, but it was likely before I set myself up with the mini photog studio. I wore them yesterday and got quite a few comments/compliments so I plan to make many more in various metals and combinations for upcoming shows and for my NEW ETSY ACCOUNT YAAAAAY. --Nothing posted yet, I will post when sales there go live.--

If you would like a pair, they are selling for $15 apiece. Sterling/gold will be more, but we can talk about that if you are interested.

Now, I need your opinions. Since I am planning future endeavors (Punk Rock Flea Market, Steam-Con, and beyond!) I need to know what people like. What YOU like. If you have a few free minutes, browse my past blog entries and my Flickr Account and let me know what stands out to you. What would you want to see at a public show? On Etsy? At conventions? What would YOU wear? Thanks in advance; I appreciate any and all feedback. You are my market, tell me what you want!

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