30 June 2009

Last chance! I'm serious this time!

You have until Midnight (pacific time) to order your badge lanyard if you want it for PAX! Email me at Jules@knittedsteel.net with your request, or contact me through one of the other usual methods (IRC, PAX/Enforcer Forums, etc).

If you do not order today, your order will not be included in my next supply batch and there is zero guarantee of you getting it before the convention.

If you are participating in the PAX Buttoneering, I will also be creating a bonus button for those of you who have ordered a lanyard from me! Pics of those to come soon (as soon as I design them, along with my normal buttons).

Can you believe it? Only 2 months until PAX. This last year has flown by.

1 comment:

eye-shuh said...

Awesome! I love bonus buttons!

And oh man...two months...TWO MONTHS!! That's really soon! I can't friggin wait!