18 June 2009

Success! First Etsy Sale

And we're off! I feel so good right now. If only the guy interested in the necktie would get back to me now, I would feel AMAZINGLY good. The first item to go was my kingsmaille bracelet.

I need to work on taking pics of more work, including my tiny dice cage earrings. I think I am going to make those my signature piece (note the avatar, hehe) and try as many colors as I can get my hands on.

Cheers! I'm going to celebrate tonight!


SpawnOfCthulhu said...

You're welcome.
It's an awesome bracelet :3

Jennifer said...

Hey- I sent some LJ people your way, hopefully it helps! I like a lot of your stuff... sadly, I am unemployed and broke and in school so you'll have to settle for me sending you customers. :)

Liger said...

Wow, thanks! I'll be posting more goodies this week.

GoTime said...

Who knew!?? This is some really amazing work. If you could shoot a video of how you actually make it that would be really cool to see. Then again, maybe people would steal your ideas! ha! Thanks for entering in our contest, good luck!