07 June 2009

Punk Rock Flea Market

What a weekend! My first show going solo at my table went pretty darn well. By far the most popular thing was the custom bracelet tray. ($10 to pick your own 2 colors and have me make it on the spot) - The bracelets are simple HP 3-in-1 stretch bands (Pirate bands) so people could pick a rubber color and an AA color, and in 10 minutes have a custom bracelet. They were also the least expensive item on my table. Had a few guys interested in the red and black necktie (pics coming soon) and one woman very nearly bought one of my sterling necklaces. I have plenty to start my Etsy store with, for sure, and I hope to do that today or tomorrow.

I learned a ton from this, especially with what people are interested in and what gets passed over completely. I need more stock for my next show, too. I have plans for a lot of simpler, less expensive items and showcasing my nicer, pricier things.

The tie was genius. I wrote "PET ME!" on a price tag and had it sitting at the very front of the table. It attracted so many people to my booth, I doubt I would have had half the customers had I not blatantly encouraged people to touch the wares.

Ryan was an excellent booth babe. He was great at pumping up the custom pirate band sales, attracting people to the bikini top, and wearing some of my stuff to show it off more. And because I'm a complete klutz and forgot the majority of my business cards, he drove back to his place to get them for me when I ran out of the tiny supply in my purse. <3 that guy.

Stay tuned for my Etsy shop! It will be 'open' today or tomorrow!

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