13 April 2009

Creative Streak

EDIT: This choker is SOLD!

While I wait for the next batch of lanyard supplies to arrive, I am experimenting more with non-commissioned work. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. Unfortunately, as I was taking pictures this morning my camera battery went mysteriously from fully charged to fully empty. D'oh! I snapped a few shots of this necklace before the battery gave out; I hope to capture the rest tonight or tomorrow.

European 4-in-1 in jeweler's brass and stainless steel. The clasp in the back is a brass-colored toggle, black beads throughout the choker, and the leaf pendant is glass. I found that leaf in a craft store ages ago, and it has been sitting in wait for the perfect design until a few days ago. I wanted something to match its size but still feel delicate, hence the small-gauge 4-in-1. It fits very close to the neck to mimic Victorian lace.

As I said, this piece was not a commission. It needs a good home! The price is $80. If you're interested, email me at jules at knittedsteel dot net and we can discuss the transfer of shiny rocks.

If I don't sell it before mid-May, the choker will be making an appearance at the upcoming Abney Park concert at Heaven Nightclub.

~P.S. I took a lint roller to the model bust. These things collect dust fast!

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Sydney said...

Man, I was totally ogling this on the ringlord forums, figures it was you hehe.