26 April 2009

Ramblings of Present and Future

I have a nice big shipment of maille supplies UPSing its way to my house right now, and a fresh batch of minicards coming from MOO with updated photos of my work. Oh, how I love getting maille in the mail! Until those come, I am on hiatus for lanyards and steampunkish goods. In the meantime I picked up some new findings at the craft store (beading supplies, charms, another cameo, etc). and started working on an older just-for-fun project.

No pics yet, as it is not wearable, but I will be sure to brag as soon as there is something more solid. Here's a hint - bikini. ... Not much of a hint, but in this case I think saying it straight out is just as good as keeping it secret!

I am also teaching myself to sew. Santa left a really nice Singer sewing machine under the tree at my parents' house last December, and after Snowpocalypse ended I was able to have a belated celebration with them. Nothing too special yet - I found a great tutorial on resizing tee shirts and put it to good use. Actually, I am wearing the shirt right now. All Hail Ball!

There may be some collaboration with a friend in the near future. He works with leather, making everything from decorative masks to fantastic boots and wants to add some metal. The prospect has me really curious and excited! I might give him a few of my own unfinished pieces and see what he can create.

I can not wait to get this next batch of supplies. Not only did I get the usual AA, copper, brass and bronze, but I also got some fun bits to experiment with - swarovski crystals in various colors and Enameled Copper!

Fixed a couple of things on Twitter, and I will continue to tweak it. Also tweaked another account: @catchwmw. My full time job title is Graphic Designer, and sometimes it gets me these fun little side projects (background) on top of the bigger ones (logo). I love my job. I love mailling. Why can't the new batch of supplies get here sooner?!

Photo - theringlord.com

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