08 April 2009

Inlay in the works

With all this talk of Steampunk and excitement of Steam-Con coming up in the fall, I've been getting a lot of ideas. One of them is another guitar strap, inspired by Abney Park's awesome crew and their beautiful instruments. I've had a few patterns come to mind so I whipped up the most basic one on some graph paper from Mailleworks (Side note - this is one of the most invaluable tools I have come across in the past few years. I used it for TwoTone's guitar strap and the Penny Arcade shirts). It is based on argyle, with the colors being created with different metals instead of anodized aluminum. The paint job is rough; it's just a concept after all.

Yellowish brown = nickel silver; brown = bronze; and grey = stainless steel. All three are, of course, exchangeable for different metals, which I might decide to do before I order materials. Still, I'd love to do another guitar strap and I'm in the mood for argyle!

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