14 April 2009

More from Yesterday

Camera is back up and running. Silly battery! Today I bring you a pair of earrings and a bracelet. If you weren't already aware, clicking on the images allows you to view them in a larger size for better detail.

These are fun. Hanging from a french hook is a tiny chain of a weave called Rhinos Snorting Drano, or RSD. I didn't name the weave, and I don't have a clue about the inspiration for such a name, but I do love how the weave looks! I found the smoky 'crystal' beads at the craft store and thought they'd be great for a bit of dangle. The RSD is done in stainless and brass.

For Sale: $15

This bracelet is very similar to one I posted recently. It is Alligator Back weave in copper and stainless with a wide toggle clasp. It has a certain heft to it that makes it look especially good on a guy's wrist.

For Sale: $40

I tried something different with the bracelet photo. I bought a white swatch of cloth a long time ago and finally decided to try it in the background. Its effects on the lighting are extremely different than the red spirals, so I am going to work on tweaking my setup some more. That photo, and others I took with the white backdrop, came out much warmer than with the red backdrop. Iiiiinteresting.

If you are interested in purchasing either item, comment here or email me and we can set up payment & delivery. Cheers!

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Nick Walker said...

Your first one gives me an idea of something in the steampunk theme.

Have you ever thought about doing anything with vacuum tubes?Some are rare/hard to find/expensive, but many you can get for under ten bucks. All sorts of sizes/colors/internal configurations.