06 April 2009

Pic-Heavy Update!

I mailed in my SteamCon vendor application, and now all I can do is wait, and show off as much as I possibly can. This post focuses on the jewelry I submitted for the steampunk fashion show my friend Barret organized. I mainly used nickel silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, and some brass.

One note: I have noticed that a LOT of steampunk fashion revolves around clockwork, gears, widgets, gizmos, and old machine parts. I am avoiding that, for the most part. My goal is to bring more maille into steampunk, and for a simple reason. It is an old technology, an old fashion, brought into the here-and-now. It can be functional (need a strap for your goggles that won't break?) or fashionable. It is completely hand made, oozes creativity, and can be worn/used by any class of person. If maille isn't steampunk, then I have completely misunderstood this scene.

First up is this lovely. Stainless Steel necklace with findings from a local craft store. Sold to the lovely lady Sugar.

Next are a few earring samples. On the left is a stepping-stone pattern, on the right a byzantine drop holding some findings.

I know I just previously stated that I would be avoiding stuff like this, but hey. I was curious. And I wanted something dangly.

One of my favorites, Euro 4-in-1 on the bias in copper and nickel silver. I will be having more fun with this variant for sure!

Another favorite, this is an alligator-back bracelet I made for my friend Chris. Nickel Silver and Jeweler's Brass, it is broad and feels heavy but not cumbersome. He has been wearing it nonstop for a few months now, and I think the aging on the metals makes it look even better.

More to come! I have not yet ordered the next batch of lanyard materials due to nasty flu and ComiCon, but there is plenty of time yet before PAX. Cheers!

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Carol said...

The Euro 4 in 1 is really cool! You take such nice pictures too!