10 October 2008

Another quick update

Ack! My parents and grandmother are coming for dinner. I've spent most of yesterday and today getting ready, and oh man dinner's going to be delicious. But you didn't check in to hear about my beef burgundy. Here is Tycho's shirt!

Next up is finishing the torso stripes, then moving on to the sleeves. Ohhh the sleeves are going to take forever.


Gracewanderer said...

I didn't tune in to read about your beef burgundy but it does sound delicious. Are you willing to share the recipe?

Archeious said...

You are just ripping through this project. Way to go. :D Keep up the good work.

EdgarVerona said...

Holy crap, Liger that's amazing! I just settled down from my move, and I figured I'd check up on how things are going... incredible! You have skills, my friend! =) Woooot! =)

-Vendal Thornheart