27 October 2008

What a weekend

The mailling party was a success. We got a full orange sleeve finished, plus much progress toward another and on the blue sleeves. There were SO MANY PEOPLE here that we ended up getting a noise complaint from the neighbor upstairs, so I think for the next few mailling events I will make them invite-only to keep the numbers down, and restrict hard alcohol consumption. I will post pictures from the party soon, but I have been preoccupied all weekend. Saturday was a d20 modern game in the morning and a halloween party in the evening. Sunday, my car got wrecked. Now I am in the process of cleaning up the mess, talking to insurance folks, and finding auto body shops around the area of the wreck. My car can not drive too far, so I am looking for nearby places that do not look too shady. Ugh, big mess. Glad no one got hurt, but I miss my car!

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