16 October 2008

Good News and Bad News

Good News first: Tycho's shirt is coming along very nicely. I am working on the first sleeve tonight, and the torso is completely finished.

Bad News: Unless I can fix a very messed up situation, I won't have Gabe's shirt anywhere near finished before the deadline rolls around. Or, for that matter, before 2008 is over.

I started this project on September 5th. On top of establishing the paypal donate button, I began corresponding with one of the owners at TheRingLord.com. I was told that if I custom ordered the rings right then, the next batch of anodized was due back around the end of October. So, I emailed them right then. They are ordered, paid for, and sitting in my account info right now. Naturally, I'm getting a little antsy and excited, so last night I emailed them again to get a status report. The response I got back: About 8 weeks.

8 weeks?! If taken literally, that means the batch will be back at the Ring Lord factory 2 days AFTER the dinner auction. I would probably get the rings around, oh, Christmas.

I knew it would be a frantic rush to get the shirt done in time as is. But I have yet to master the art of time travel.

Right now I am waiting to hear their response to my panicked question of "is there any way you can speed it up a little? I ordered these assuming I would get them when you said I would." If they can't expedite the anodizing, I think my best option is to switch from yellow to gold-colored rings. It won't look nearly as good. I am not happy. I do not want to compromise on this, but if it means getting the shirt done in time I'm willing to do it.

UGGGHH, I am not happy.


GSpeezy said...

Stay strong. You'll get through this. We're all here for you, with pliers in hand. :)

Liger said...

Can the pliers travel back in time?

Coldie said...

You might be able to get them annodized locally. Just buy the clean rings and have them done here, should be less than a week. More expensive I'm sure, but...